categories Trade UK becomes the Best FCA Broker 2017

zcom-trade-best-fx-brokerAt Forex Bonus Lab we are always looking to reward the brokers for excellence. And this year we would like to announce a result that is, somehow, surprising for some of the FX traders. We are happy to announce that is awarded a title of the “Best FCA Broker 2017”. For many of the traders, the brand operated by Trade UK Limited is not as well know. However, this company is actually the largest Forex broker in the world in terms of the trading volume turnover. Yet this is not what makes this broker special.

The award of the “Best FCA Broker 2017” is given to Trade UK Limited for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the broker offers excellent trading conditions when it comes to the trade executions and the spreads. At first, the broker’s spreads may not be seen as tight, but considering the fact that there is no commission charged, the trading fees are actually very appealing. On top of that, this is one of the few brokers that does not profit from its client losses.

Secondly, the broker caters greatly for the beginners. Its leverage of 200:1 makes the trades less risky when compared to other brokers. Next to this, the Stop Out level is set to 60%, which protects the traders from losing more. This is actually a very undervalued feature, as most of the brokers would close your trade when you have anywhere between 10% and 30% of a required margin left.

Finally, Trade UK Limited has been offering a great no deposit bonus, that certainly makes it easier to get started.

Such a mixture of features certainly makes us delighted to offer you opening an account with the best FCA FX brokerage – Trade.