XTB Cashback Bonus

Do you enjoy getting additional bonuses to your account balance just because you trade with good broker? The most recent XTB rebate promotion is exactly what you need!

xtb cashback bonus
  Minimum Deposit:
 $1               Maximum Rebate: $5 per Lot

   Bonus Period: N/A         Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 0 pips                       Restricted Countries: N/A

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XTB Cashback Bonus Description

XTB decided to reward loyal clients, so everybody who is trading with this broker for at least three month can take part in XTB Cashback Bonus promo! This means that if you are looking for good broker with loyalty programme, XTB is definitely the option you should consider!

The awesome part of XTB Cashback Bonus is that you will receive your rebates in your preferred currency. And, even more to that, your amount will be fixed, so no difference which currency you prefer, you will always know how much money will you get!

So, how do you get cashback from XTB? It is super simple and does not require much of a hustle! You just open an account and start trading! Your rebates will start being calculated on the first day of 4th month after you created an account. For example, if you open an account on 2nd of June, you will start getting rebates from XTB on 3rd of September.

Similar to this, your cashback will be credited to your account in the first 7 days of the next month. So, using previous example, you will get your first cashback between 3rd and 11th October.

The amount of money that XTB will credit to you is directly connected with your trading volume. Higher the volume – more XTB Cashback Bonus money you are going to receive.

  • If you have traded between 100 and 299.9 lots in previous month.
    You will get 2 USD, 1.6 EUR or 1.3 GBP per one lot!
  • Trading 300 – 499.9 lots
    Will give you 3 USD, 2.4 EUR or 1.9 GBP for every lot traded.
  • Volume of 500 – 999.9 lots in one month
    Allows you to receive 4 USD, 3.3 EUR or 2.5 GBP for lot!
  • Superb traders with volume over 1,000 lots will get 5 USD for every lot they make in one month.

But you should bear in mind, that all volume that you make on ETFs and CFD’s will not be calculated as a part of your monthly volume. So, sorry to say this, no cashbacks for them will be credited to you.

Also, if you are taking part in a Refer a Friend program from XTB there is no rebates for you. But, if you need it, you can opt-in to XTB Cashback Bonus by sending an e-mail to support, but you will be out from referral bonuses.

But, from the point of view of Forex Bonus Lab, trading Forex and getting bonuses for this is super great!

If you are not sure that XTB is exactly what you are looking for, we would advise you to read XTB review to know what to expect!

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