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Cryptocurrencies have captured the trading world by storm. The value of Bitcoin against the USD rose by more than 800% between January 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018 (based on figures). Would you like to trade cryptos but lack of knowledge keeps you back? WiseTrader’s Trading Academy has all the tools you ever wanted, to learn how to trade Crypto CFDs.

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  Eligibility: Everyone

 Importance: High

   Availability: 24/7

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About WiseTrader

WiseTrader is owned and operated by the Cyprus-based F1Markets Ltd, and regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC, License Number: 267/15). The philosophy of the broker is quite different compared to other established brokers, and if you navigate to their “About Us” section, you’ll find a popular quote by American self-help author Napoleon Hill, “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”

This quote truly represents the broker’s mission, which is to give you the know-how to understand the world’s financial markets so that you are free to decide to trade from a position of knowledge. This article will give you a review of WiseTrader’s educational facilities.

The Trading Academy

F1Markets Ltd has put in great effort to give traders, both new ones and those with more experience, a variety of quality educational resources to help them understand the markets and how they work.

  • In-Depth Tutorials
    These include a beginner’s course giving new traders basic information on the foreign exchange market, terms and types of orders. Trading tools explained for the more experienced trader, trading psychology, market and technical analysis and of course all about cryptocurrencies.
  • eBooks
    Everything you always wanted to know in eBooks, ranging from FX/CFDs for Beginners to Crypto Advanced, and Commodities and Futures Contracts.
  • Economics
    The history of the world financial markets as a background to trading.
  • Videos
    Chance and risk for beginners, forex terms advanced trading, and much more.
  • Live webinars
    Two live sessions every week with an experienced industry professional. What better way of having all your questions answered than by getting it directly from an expert in action.


WiseTrader’s user friendly platform allows traders to choose from 50 currency pairs and CFDs in major global indices and commodities. Additionally, they can trade the major cryptocurrency CFDs; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. For this WiseTrader gets top marks, but its star feature is its Trading Academy.

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