What are the best tools for Forex and CFD trading?

A guest contribution by Jens Chrzanowski, Admiral Markets UK


Jens Chrzanowski, Berlin, Germany – Admiral Markets UK

Admiral Markets UK just won the Best MetaTrader 4 broker award in the UK Forex Awards 2015. But you may be asking why?

After all, the MT4 trading tool is a common MetaQuotes solution that’s usually available free-of-charge through most FX traders. And in fact, MT4 is still the most globally popular platform for Forex and CFD trading. So if most financial trading companies offer it and most traders already use or know about it – what makes Admiral Markets worth an award?

MetaTrader4 Supreme – A Good Tool Made Better

Well for starters, Admiral Markets offers all its demo and real account clients a special 60-feature add-on called Admiral Markets MT4 Supreme Edition, which runs via expert advisor and indicator technology. This advanced bundle drastically boosts the standard MT4 tool via a simple, one-time installation. With MT4 Supreme Edition, every trader has immediate access to tested and proven options directly inside the MT4.

Admiral Markets Regional Director Jens Chrzanowski says Supreme started in 2014, to provide added value for any trader using the MT4 platform.

“Admiral.Supreme delivers these add-ons to all our customers because the benefits are to good to leave out,” he states matter-of-factly.

“For example, the basic MT4 has a small one-click trading script on the top-left of any chart, that allows a Buy or a Sell trade only – there’s no Stop directly with the initial order. However, with MT4 Supreme you get the advanced one-click mini-terminal where you can directly set a stop, a take profit, a trailing stop etc,” beams Mr Chrzanowski.

With the MT4 Supreme, a trader can see the real-time spread together with any open positions and also deactivate the hedging mode. “With deactivated hedging mode, you can simply click on the market’ opposite, so click on sell if you have a long (buy) order open or you can close with this. This is definitely the fastest and most elegant way to do partial closing.”

But MT4 Supreme’s advantages don’t stop there because it’s 60 features provide an even greater amount of user benefits. “Supreme improves risk management with the ‘panic button’ to close all open positions with just one click. You also get better analysis of your closed trades, OCO and OCA trading. Then there’s real tick charts for the MT4 for scalpers, multi monitoring for highly active traders (which use 2 or 3 screens), freehand drawing to mark anything on the MT4 chart, Excel RTD interface, correlation trader,” says Jens.

MT4 Supreme is Client driven

“We like our MT4 Supreme version because our clients do too and anything they enjoy, is also our reward.”

In fact Jens says Admiral Markets clients have also indirectly helped develop the tool. “We ask our clients to give us their wishes or ideas on what they would like implemented into our Supreme. Often it’s just simple things like a client request several months ago to show the account balance after any closed trade because that client needed information for his statistics. This request came from one customer, not any large survey results or other data-drive. But it was important for this client and we could see that it wasn’t already part of the basic MT4. So a week later – we added it to MT4 Supreme.”

Jens notes that the financial industry often discusses what lies beyond MetaTrader 4, but he is not concerned. “At the end of the day, our client decides what tool to use and right now that’s the MT4 solution. Admiral Markets is purely client focused, so we’ll keep providing the MT4 as long as our clients want it – but we’ll do so with true added value for the user rather than as a standardised package.”

Admiral Markets MT4 Supreme Edition – Trendy But Practical

FinTech has been the financial industry’s predominant trend this year. But Jens says the idea of enhancing financial services with innovative technology has been central to Admiral Markets approach from its inception.

“Admiral Markets actions this trend regularly by adding new features to the MT4 package each month, based on client’s needs. For example, in  Forex trading the margin requirements and the leverage are something new for beginner traders. Calculating margins used to  be time consuming for our clients so in the summer of 2015, we upgraded our trading tool with a margin and risk calculator.”

But Jens passionately clarifies that this is not just any calculator.

“This is not some website tool – this is direct calculation with the client’s trading account, so that he/she sees their balance plus open positions and can easily calculate scenarios to understand their margin. Even hedged position scenarios can be calculated correctly.”

Admiral Markets MT4 Supreme Edition

Margin calculation not via web page – directly via MT4 Supreme

“We believe in providing a one-stop agency and a one-stop tool. With our MT4 Supreme edition, clients can calculate, get real-time news, enjoy advanced risk management instruments, interfaces to Excel, alarms, analysis, trading calendar, heat map and market sentiment information. And if that’s not enough – they can also tailor the tool to their specific requirements.”

The final word

Jens says MetaTrader is and will continue to be the Forex world’s most important tool.

“We love MT4 because it’s a plus for anyone to offer something that around 80% of clients already know.”

However, he says that doesn’t mean that other brokers can’t follow suit.

“Any broker can do what we’ve done and start offering their own add-ons, we were simply rewarded for doing it best. Use your clients, they will give you clear and open feedback about what they are looking forward. If you all do this, clients will feel your spirit! And if you don’t do this – well, Admiral Markets will do it for you.”

Editor Comments

While there are many brokers in the retail FX industry today, the competition has already moved away from offering licenses, low spreads and low commissions. All of these is a an absolute must nowadays, yet certainly not every broker understands it. As we progress in the trading industry, it is a pleasure to see such brokers as Admiral Markets offering an enhanced version of MetaTrader 4.

Next to this, it is great that cTrader is getting more and more popular and the list of cTrader Brokers grows.

This certainly seems like the year of 2016 will bring lots of competition in the retail FX on the technological level that is more related to the tools a trader can use rather than the execution of orders technology.

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