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Financial regulation in Sweden

Financial regulation in SwedenIn Sweden, the Financial Supervisory Authority is responsible for financial regulation. In Swedish, the institution is called Finansinspektionen (FI) which is a combination of the former financial and insurance supervisory bodies. The Bank Inspectorate oversaw banking and other financial market operations while the Insurance Supervisory Authority only focused on the insurance industry. In 1991, these two bodies were combined to form FI which covered both tasks under one roof. Continue Reading →

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Making the Most of Bollinger Bands and AlfaTrade

AlfaTrade on Bollinger BandsBollinger Bands are a favorite indicator for online traders for multiple reasons. One, they are visually interesting and resemble a river meandering across a chart. Two, they give decently reliable signals of where prices might reverse, although like all indicators, they are not infallible and the upper, lower and center bands they display are based on past price, so like the Fibonacci retracement, Bollinger Bands are referred to as a “trailing” or “lagging indicator.” They effectively supply an inkling to trend, as well. Bands dropping to the right indicate a downtrend; Bands rising indicate an uptrend. Horizontal bands reveal a dormant market, suggesting a time to avoid trading. The other reason Bollinger Bands are widely used is that they offer an effective means by which to confirm the validity of other indicators and signals. Continue Reading →

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Trading BTCUSD binary options the right way

The advance of the crypto-currencies over the past years turned them into interesting investing instruments both for long-term trading solutions, and for speculative instruments. More and more brokers offer bitcoin (BTC) trading instruments as a solution to attract investors on their platform. In their turn, the investors look at these instruments as solutions either to protect themselves from the high volatility of the crypto-currencies or to make bitcoin gambling more interesting and to bet exactly on the volatility of this alternative currency. Continue Reading →

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3 reasons to start trading Forex

3 reasons to start trading ForexWhile there is a lot of content on the web that explains how to trade currencies, install the platform and choose a broker, many people actually fail to understand why it is a great market. Successful people always start with a “why” and this is the reason this article is written. We are going to take a look at the three reasons why Forex might be the best market to trade. Let’s dive in. Continue Reading →

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UltraTrade: How to Pick the Right Trading Platform

UltraTrade on how to pick the right Binary Options Trading PlatformChoosing the right trading platform can alleviate some of the burdens common in this line of work. Whenever price volatility increases, you’d want data feeds to continue seamlessly. If you are exploring a new strategy, you’d want to have a large enough palette for indicators and a scripting environment for coding new ones from scratch.  Continue Reading →

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Best MT4 Expert Advisors

Best MT4 Expert AdvisorsWhen you finally make a decision about which foreign exchange broker to use for your trading, the next step is usually downloading their licensed trading platform. They are always available for you to use freely. There are several trading platforms out there and each of them has their own positive and negative aspects. It all depends on your trading needs, goals, and overall style of trading.

There are trading platforms which are downloadable for your personal computer while some are web-based and they do not require installing any sort of software on your device. MetaTrader 4 (or MT4) is one of the most frequently used trading platforms by brokerage firms. It is created for Windows but there are some brokers who offer a modified version for MAC as well. Continue Reading →

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Difference between FX and Casino Bonuses

Difference between FX and Casino BonusesHave you ever thought that Forex trading and casinos have a lot in common? You will be surprised how many similar features they actually share. One of the crucial parts that both of these industries have adopted are bonuses. And, as in , well-known casinos try to get more clients by offering useful and reliable bonuses. Interested in how casino bonuses differ from FX ones? Let’s find out now!

How do casino bonuses differ from Forex deals?

Here, at Forex Bonus Lab we usually provide you with the most recent and deals that can be trusted. Typical Forex offers include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and rebates. At least of such bonus types is present in the range of offers of every reliable Forex broker, but sometimes even brokers that one day had good reputation create terms and conditions that their deals are far from fair. Our team is trying to spot these deals and honestly tells you not to take go for them. Continue Reading →

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Bitcoin gambling bonuses

Bitcoin gambling bonusesCryptocurrencies are one of the newest additions to world’s monetary system. Some of the authorities consider such developments as illegal and uncontrolled because they have no “real” value behind them. The facts remain such: cryptocurrencies are one of the mediums of exchange nowadays.

But, what can you do with cryptocurrencies? Since Bitcoins are the main existing digital currency, you have access to do nearly anything you set your mind too. The possibilities start with  buying goods and services and go all the way to Bitcoin gambling and trading. If you want to know whether you should choose BTC trading or gambling and whether you can find it out below! Continue Reading →

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AlfaTrade: Trading Forex with Candlesticks

Understanding candlestick charting with AlfaTradeThe Forex market can be an unforgiving environment even to the seasoned investor and experienced banker. It’s a business like no other in that every day is unpredictable and an emotional roller coaster. Candlesticks can help bring structure to this new business pursuit. If learnt how to wield masterfully, candlesticks can be one of the most important techniques in your trading arsenal.

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