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Bitcoin gambling bonuses

Bitcoin gambling bonusesCryptocurrencies are one of the newest additions to world’s monetary system. Some of the authorities consider such developments as illegal and uncontrolled because they have no “real” value behind them. The facts remain such: cryptocurrencies are one of the mediums of exchange nowadays.

But, what can you do with cryptocurrencies? Since Bitcoins are the main existing digital currency, you have access to do nearly anything you set your mind too. The possibilities start with  buying goods and services and go all the way to Bitcoin gambling and trading. If you want to know whether you should choose BTC trading or gambling and whether you can find it out below! Continue Reading →

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Get bonus trading guide

Are forex bonuses good or bad? The truth is, the bonus is just a tool. All depends on how you use it.

When you begin to trade FX, there are many brokers luring you to open an account by offering attractive bonuses. Are they safe? Not always! Find out what differentiates a good bonus from a scam. Get ultimate bonus trading strategies and receive the best bonus offers available!

forex bonus guide

Sign Up & Get a Guide

  • Explanation of FX Bonuses
  • Features of Right Offers
  • Bonus Trading Strategies
  • Useful Recommendations

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Forex Bonus Guide

Read this Forex Bonus Guide and learn more about:forex bonus guide

  • What Forex Bonuses Are
  • How to Choose the Best Bonus
  • FX Bonus Trading Tricks and Tips
  • Best Bonus Strategies
  • And Much More!

This is a perfect guide for both the starts and experienced bonus traders, it uncovers lots of tips and tricks!

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No Deposit Bonus Check List

Forex No Deposit Bonus is an aggressive ways for the brokers to attract customers. Usually brokerage houses offer a relatively small amount of real money to open an account with them and the profit and/or initial balance can be taken out upon trading a certain volume.

Brokers make such generous offers so you can check:

  • live spreads
  • speed of execution
  • other trading conditions

Some brokers exchange No Deposit Bonus for an SMS verified phone or uploaded documents. Sometimes this bonus is not withdraw-able and only the profit is. In other cases you need to complete a certain volume before you can withdraw any profit or initial balance.

Read below to find out what is No Deposit Forex Bonus and how to cash it out!

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Forex Rebates Explanation

Many traders are looking for forex rebates. Read this article to find out what are forex trading rebates and how to benefit from them.

What are forex trading rebates?

what are forex trading rebatesForex Rebates have always been a way of brokers to compensate the traders their spread and commission expenses. In other words, it is a simple commission sharing scheme between your broker and yourself. When trading 1 lot on EUR/USD with the spread of 3 pips, you end up paying a sum of 30 USD to the broker. While many brokers keep the funds to themselves, there are some brokers that give a share of this commission back to you as a part of loyalty program or a forex rebates bonus promotion.

Get Bonus From XM

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The Forex Bonus Hedging Strategy

Before we begin explaining this bonus trading strategy, we would like to warn you that this article is mainly for informational purposes. We do not encourage you to participate in any illegal activities, act not in a good faith and violate terms of services and forex bonus promotions.

Having said this, we are still sure you will enjoy the article and find it interesting. If the bonus terms of the broker allow The Forex Bonus Hedging Trading Strategy, you will also be able to monetize ton his knowledge too.

What is Forex Bonus Hedging Trading StrategyWhat is Forex Bonus Hedging Trading Strategy?

It is a very simple trading strategy, which just works and brings money. The Idea of The Forex Bonus Hedging is to create 2 positions (Rail One and Rail Two), each of them on the same instrument, same time, same volume, but different directions. The Forex Bonus Hedge is as simple as executing a 1 lot BUY EUR/USD order and 1 lot SELL EUR/USD order in the same time.

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Forex Demo Contest Strategy

Forex Contest Strategy! how to win forex demo tournamentForex Demo Contests are great tools for having fun and practicing trading. As with any sport, forex contests have their code of conduct and you should apply to it. Failure to do so will not put you in unfair situation compared to other participants. Also you could be penalized by an organizer. Forex Contest Strategy plays an important role.

This article will not tell you how to win a forex demo contest. Luck plays important role, and cannot be neglected. This article will focus on explaining the best forex demo contest strategy, it will also explain best demo contest practices and show a few tricks for an extended participation.

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Forex Bonus Strategy Basic: Less is More

Forex Bonuses are great, but as forex trading, forex bonuses requite substantial knowledge to be beneficial for you. Below you can read a simple forex bonus strategy. This is not a forex bonus strategy that explains you how to trade and make money. This bonus trading strategy will focus on selecting the most appropriate bonus when depositing.

Learn Bonus Trading Best Practices

Forex Bonus StrategyNow encountering a deposit bonus offer with a forex broker is as easy as never before. You see a lot of flashing ads telling you about 30% Bonus everywhere and in many cases 30% is just a lower limit. Some brokers may even offer a bonus up to 200%.

As the largest forex brokers hardly offer any bonuses, people tend to think that bonuses are only offered by the market makers. This is not necessarily too. In fact, this is not true at all. There are some agency model brokers offering you bonuses, as well as there are some market makers that won’t give you a deposit bonus on your forex trading account.

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