Tickmill Bonus Summer

Global ECN Forex broker is welcoming you to take a part in the newest Tickmill Bonus offer. This sunny summer is the best time to step-up with your deposit to Tickmill because this broker rewarding you with not just one, but two bonuses. Read full “Summer Bonus” description and find out how to get started.

Tickmill deposit bonus 50 usd

  Minimum Deposit: $200              Maximum Bonus: $50

   Bonus Period: August 2015        Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 1.2 pips                   Restricted Countries: N/A

Want a Summer Bonus? Deposit with Tickmill!

Tickmill Summer Bonus Description 

As the name “Summer Bonus” already suggests that the campaign will take place only during the summer. It starts on June 20th and will last till August 31st, 2015. It is available to all LIVE clients that are trading either on a Classic or an Exchange account. Tickmill provides a various range of deposit and withdrawal options, so surely you will find the one that suits you the best.

tickmill bonus
To start with Tickmill Bonus, this summer you should deposit at least 200 USD (or equivalent in another currency) during the campaign period. In other words, you can simply deposit 200 USD four times and still receive a bonus on every single deposit. And the best news are that there is no cap on the bonus amount, hence your deposit amount can go up as much as you like – there is just no limit.

How does Tickmill Bonus work?

Should you decide to place multiple deposits, Tickmill will add an additional bonus to every separate deposit. Here is a short example how it works: if a client first deposited 600 USD and later 1000 USD more, then he will receive a bonus of 60USD (600 USD * 10%) and 120 USD (1,200 USD * 12%).

So you are probably wondering how can you collect the bonuses, once you have made the deposits? It’s very simple actually – after each deposit you need to contact Tickmill’s Client Support via email and then collect the bonus. But don’t forget to inform them with the code word: Summer Bonus. Once the Customer Support has processed the eligibility your deposit, the bonus amount will be added to the same MT4 trading account where the deposit was placed.

And what do you need to do in order to cash out the bonus? Of course – trade, trade trade! In order to take out your bonus, you would need to make at least 1 lot of the volume per each 5 USD of the bonus. In other words, if you have received a bonus of 50 USD, then you would need to trade 10 lots to cash it out.

Is that all Tickmill Deposit Bonus has to offer?

No! It is not. Now it’s time for the second part of the offer. As mentioned before Tickmill is not rewarding you with one but two bonuses. So all the participants that have made a deposit and have successfully completed the trading as a part of the Tickmill Summer Bonus campaign are eligible for the second bonus once the campaign has finished.

Important notice: although the offer ends on August 31st, the second bonus will be added to your account by September 15th, so a little bit of patience is appreciated.

Let us explain how will you be receiving the second bonus. The maximum amount of the second bonus is equal to 10% of the total deposits that you have made during the campaign. Let us give you an example: if you have made only one deposit that is equal to 1300 USD then Tickmill bonus will be equal to 156 USD (12% of 1300 USD). When 152 lots in round turn trades have been completed on the same account by 31st of August, then Tickmill will reward you with 130 USD as an additional bonus since the maximum bonus limit is equal to 10% of 1300 USD.

tickmill deposit bonusYou will be provided with a Bonus Tickmill offer depending on the volume you achieved. Generally, the larger your volume was, the bigger bonus you will get. If you have traded 90 lots, you will be supplied with 90 USD of the bonus, but if you traded 100 lots, then your bonus from Tickmill will be already 200 USD. However, this is all a subject to 10% limitation, so do not overtrade. The rules of chasing this bonus out remain the same.

All you have to do is stay calm, trade focused and enjoy the summer period, while Tickmill will reward you based on the lots that have accumulated.

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This is a great an honest deposit bonus offer. The % is rather small, but the cash out is quite possible.

If you feel that you are not ready to deposit money, go to our No Deposit Bonus section, and pick good deal for yourself!

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