SIRIX is the best social trading platform!


Nicc Lewis, VP Marketing at Leverate

Recently Forex Bonus Lab has been surveying our readers in order to find out the most advanced social trading place out here and today we are happy to announce that SIRIX has turned out to be a winner.

Leaving such platforms as eToro, ZuluTrade and others behind, SIRIX has been awarded due to its ease of access, wide scope of features and intuitive design.

On this occasion we decided to find out more about the people behind the best social trading platform 2015 and interviewed Nicc Lewis, VP Marketing at Leverate, the company behind SIRIX.

Hello Nicc, it is a pleasure to host an interview with you. Could you please tell more about yourself and your role in Leverate?

I am VP Marketing at Leverate and responsible for all the outfacing image of the company including Advertising, PR, Expos and content

Recently we were surveying our readers and SIRIX turned out to be the best social trading platform of the year. What do you think makes Sirix so special when compared to other platforms on the market?

There are many factors that come together – Social being one we will address in a moment. As a platform it is very easy to use and intuitive. Placing and editing orders is simple and can be achieved from many places in the platform to suit all user tastes.

From a technology side, based on HTML5 it can be used on any browser and operating systems, with stability, accuracy and speed. One of the defining differentiators has been SIRIXSocial, our social trading platform embedded into the trading platform.

As a pioneer in social trading, Leverate’s experience has enabled us to build a sophisticated system, that traders benefit from. Other than being able to see what other traders are doing, having the ability to watch and automatically copy them, the system has the ability to match you to experienced successful traders who have similar trading patterns to you.

Our next leap is SIRIXActive, that will be a less intrusive to traders while giving real trading experience in Demo and Guest Modes.

Many of our readers are quite familiar with SIRIX, yet other products of leverate remain a black box for them. Could you shad some light on the other products you provide?

Answer: Many people are aware of SIRIX WebTrader, but we also have SIRIXMobile and SIRIXTablet. We have been releasing an all new and improved version of mobile recently. Already released is a new native Android with IOS to follow shortly.

Behind the scenes, many traders will be unaware of some of the technology that makes SIRIX tick – like LXFeed, which is a highly accurate, ultra-low latency price feed that guarantees traders receive the most current accurate pricing, and LXCapital, which provides brokers with high quality liquidity which they see in the razor thin spreads and leverages.

Coming back to social trading, how important is building the whole community within the platform?

More and more, social trading is a tool enables and empowers traders. Seeing the information live and being able to interact realtime from within the platform is vital when decisions need to be made. Moreover, one a trade has been copied, because the social is embedded in the platform, traders can adjust their positions to suit their strategies.

Part of the way forward for Leverate is go give more information realtime to traders from within the platform. Many of which will be based on SIRIXSocial, such as suggested Masters and notifications on trade resolutions from copied trades, that require the Social be part of the platform.

Our reads have specifically mentioned that they found integrated tools as calendar and tutorials to be quite useful for the beginners. Would you say that SIRIX is rather a platform for the starters or seasoned traders?

SIRIX caters for all levels of traders. The tutorials ease inexperienced traders begin, along with SIRIXSocial. The tools and calendar are useful for new and seasoned traders alike. The success of SIRIX is making it all look easy. Einstien once said that if you cannot explain something simply, you do not understand it. We understand traders and therefore our platform is simple for all traders yet caters for all too.

What should we expect from SIRIX in 2016? Are there any exciting features on your roadmap?

SIRIXActive is one of the big developments. We are also looking at a very robust native mobile on Android and IOS. You should definitely follow us on social media – both Leverate and our dedicated SIRIX channels. We also plan to start offering tutorials via social media in 2016.

Is there anything special you would like to tell to our readers?

We always appreciate feedback, positive and negative. Obviously, we prefer the positive, but negative also helps shape our future. We are working hard to make the traders’ experience the best possible. We thank all traders who choose SIRIX.