Libramarkets: Are the scam allegations true or false?


Libramarkets is a broker that allows its users to trade over 250 assets spread among 4 different classes. The company describes itself as an international provider catering to users with different backgrounds, degrees of experience and financial strength. This new company has been fending off a wave of suspiciously timed negative reviews recently. Libramarkets rating in the trading community has been adversely affected by these reviews.

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Leverage: 1:200               Licences: N/A

Min. Deposit: 250 EUR  Bonus: 15%

Spreads: from 0 pips        US Clients: No

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Checking out the reviews of companies before doing business with them is a standard practice in the modern World. This is especially true when it comes to the businesses that manage the finances of their customers. Making sure that you can trust your broker is a fundamentally important step in becoming an successful trader. We can’t stress the importance of that decision enough. Given those conditions, you’re strongly advised to check the reviews and impressions regarding the broker you’re considering opening an account with.

It’s easy for the truth to get lost in the clout. Hard to know what to believe when you’re bombarded with a sea of information. Let’s not get discouraged, however. Instead, let’s try to sort through different Libramarkets opinions and try to pass our own judgement. Below, we’ll overview the website and see what we can find.

Libramarkets review: An honest provider or another crooked website?

The company, which has seen some incredible growth in revenue and customers lately, denies the allegations entirely. The broker dismisses the Libramarkets fraud allegations and says that the reviews are coordinated attacks organized by competing websites, aimed at discrediting them. Given that there has been a number of cases of similar nature, their claims don’t sound all that outlandish. Let’s be skeptical, however, and see for ourselves.

Entrusting a company with your assets is a risky step by nature. You want to do all you can to minimize that risk. A successful trader must be able to differentiate between legitimate providers and those that are out to take advantage of him. This review will take into account the Libramarkets reviews posted online by the company’s users to form an educated opinion. We’ll also overview their platform, the services they offer, their terms of trading and how convincing they sound in their intentions.

The first impression

Libramarkets review

Our review takes us to their front page first. Our browser says that the website has a valid security certificate. It looks clean, the information is right to the point and the design looks nice. Evidently, a lot of thought has been put into creating the website. The site is offered in English, German and Spanish languages. The customer service presumably uses these languages as well. This lends credibility to the company’s claims on building a strong international community of successful traders and mediating their dealings in the World of investment.

The navigation menu consists of several categories of pages you can visit when using the website. The information provided is consistent. Terms of service appear to be fairly standard for the industry in question. There’s sufficient information regarding the company. Phone numbers, email and live chat options are provided for inquiries and problem solving. Nothing stands out as particularly suspicious or indicative of ulterior motives the company might have. So what’s the issue? Let’s go a little further.

The education section

Libramarkets education

The broker claims that it’s dedicated to educating its customers and upholding honest business practices. It offers webinars, qualified trading advice from its experts, very responsive and responsible customer service staff and heaps of other information and services you can use to your benefit. Libramarkets opinion seems to be that creating a loyal, educated customer base is crucial for a broker. You want your users to be able to effectively navigate the various functions and tools of your website. An educated user is also more likely to perform winning trades. This is important for overall customer satisfaction. People are often prone to blame their misfortune on the platforms they operate on. Making sure your users are knowledgeable in the area of trading minimizes those risks.

Libramarkets platform and how to use it

Libramarkets supports trading on the Web Trader platform. This was to be expected. Web Trader is perhaps the most widely used system on Earth for trading and investment purposes. The platform is adapted for different devices surprisingly well. Regardless if you’re browsing from your Android phone, iPhone, computer or a tablet, the Libramarkets erfahrungen is just as pleasant and without any bugs or glitches. Given the time-constrained nature of a modern-day trader’s daily routine, this is an important quality to have and will most certainly be a component in our final Libramarkets rating.

Libramarkets platform and how to use it

The platform has 30 technical tools, watch lists and and charts you can customize to your convenience. More technical analysis tool sets are also available. Nothing out of the ordinary is catching our eye so far. Web Trader is an excellent program for beginner traders. It also works very well for more knowledgeable investors with more successful trades under their belts.

Funding and withdrawing money from your account

As we mentioned, the terms of service are offered in plain language and don’t seem to contain any shady legal lingo. You can fund your account with Libramarkets using Euro or GBP. The minimum allowed deposit is 250 units in either of these currencies. The broker accepts all major credit and debit cards. You can also just wire the money to your account.

Once you’ve traded for a while or collected profit from a successful position, you can withdraw your money from the platform. For this purpose, you fill a dedicated form and submit it for review. From what we’ve read in the majority of Libramarkets reviews circulating around the web, the process doesn’t take long. From a few hours to several business days usually. Unless the website is overloaded with requests, in which case it will take a little longer. Based on our observations, the business practices of the company seem to be comparable to some of the best and widely used brokering firms on the market.

The final decision on the supposed Libramarkets scam

New players, especially successful ones experience a lot of scrutiny in the field of brokering services. People want their hard-earned funds to be secure and other companies aren’t thrilled about sharing or letting go of their users. From what we’ve uncovered on the internet and on the website itself, the Libramarkets betrug seems like an attempt to blacklist the company and stop people from using its services. We’re not here to point fingers as to who might be responsible, we can just point out our opinion. So, can Libramarkets be trusted or are they showing the signs of a fraudulent firm? Our impression is a firm yes on the first part. The company’s fundamentals check out, the information it offers on the website is satisfactory, the terms of service appear fair and the company lists more than a sufficient number of ways to keep in contact with it. These signs do not point towards a company that intends to deceive its users.

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Libramarkets: Are the scam allegations true or false? Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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Very satisfied with the company and the support provided , all good so far

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I have to be honest, this broker has the best support stuff in the whole FX industry!


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