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To become successful at trading, you should tend to be ahead of most members of the financial market. At first it will be hard, as besides being efficient and advanced you will need time to find a reliable partner that will not disappoint your expectations. In this article we will analyze KeyStock brokerage house, who claims to be very reputable offering exclusive privileges to the traders committed to this company. KeyStock scam review will highlight the real face of this broker before you get fooled by it.
keystock forex broker
Leverage: 200:1                Licences: HCMC

Min. Deposit: 1000 USD    Bonus: N/A

Spreads: from 0.01 pips      US Clients: No

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The broker offers over 200 different assets and promises instant returns on each trade using wide variety of stocks and indices. There are no fees charged on any closed trade, so it makes trading with KeyOption cheaper than with most of the brokers. Also, this broker offers great educational facilities and this means that you do not need any experience to start trading with them.

Account types and execution

KeyStock broker offers three different trading accounts:

KeyStock account types

The company provides the best customer support on any concern, but at the same time it gives a clear division among its customers. As you can see, KeyStock FX broker VIP account users get premium care. However, this does not mean that the quality of the support for other accounts is neglected.

KeyStock platform types

There are three platforms which you can use for trading: WebTrader, Mobile Trader and MetaTrader 4. Also there is an opportunity to trade online, without any special softwares, having only good internet connection. Though various KeyStock opinions say that the execution is rather fast. The trading conditions also seem to be fruitful. There is a vast amount of comments that verification of the account takes quite a short time, usually it happens within days if not hours.

Trading products and withdrawal

Conditions for trading are quite good, though remember that the company is always working on their improvement. There are various assets to trade with: Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Bonds and CFD. The basic review of KeyStock conditions for currency trading are:

• 200:1 leverage
• within MT4 minimum trade is 0.01 with a 100,000 size of 1 lot
• trading available 24h (though, for some pairs there is a particular time indicated)
• withdrawal is available only upon presentation of a filled and signed ‘withdrawal form’ (which has to get verified from the company)

However, despite the fact that the conditions are promised to be the same for any trade, the actual conditions you get ‘on spot’. This is a feature that shows that a broker gets its spreads from the market, meaning they are not fictional.

Recent events show that withdrawals are not processed as they are supposed to. We recon Keyoption to be a scam and advise you to stay away from it!

Reality with KeyStock

The more you look into this broker, the more useful information you get. Most of the KeyStock reviews show that many customers were satisfied with the support staff, as most of the time they received support in a timely manner. And another interesting point is that customers claim that sales from KeyStock were contacting them in a friendly manner without trying to lure newcomers. KeyStock staff also had their home-work done as they also knew about the experience the customers had before.

This is a solid base to say, that at first you can really trust their trading system, and secondly there is no sort of a KeyStock scam revising all traders’ actions. Trading with this broker is just as slick as it could be. One of the core principles of this business is confidentiality and security, and in case of this broker there is just no doubt that you are getting treated in a very best way. This is very professional.

The reality is such: customer support does not answer questions and does not give any relevant information. We think that such policy is done only by scam brokers.


We would recommend you to trade with this broker. We can undoubtedly say, that KeyStock is not a scam, and it is worth your time and money, as you will get a qualified and secured experience.

Update: After a lot of claims from our users, we decided to make a new investigation of this broker. It turned out that since our review, broker became much worse. Its support stopped to respond and withdrawals were not processed. We suppose that KeyStock is a scam and do not advise to trade with it!

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ok here goes my story i lost alot of money under keystock due to the fact that i had no idea what trading was about so we would skype with my account manager by the name of Michael Shaw i deposited over 10000usd to this broker and since i had no idea what trading was about Michael Shaw would tell me what to do over skype. i lost more then 8000usd in a space of a few minutes and he told me not to panic and that he will recover the money so he told me what to do again and in a few mins i was left with less then 1000usd having deposited 10000usd and i have proof of this so i started panicking and withdraw the little i had because i had taken loans and used money from my previous employment since i was changing jobs hoping to make life better for my family. Well till today i am in debt and i have banks chasing after me and i am under credit beaurea because of keystock and people like Michael Shaw. I cant go onto my trading history because it says my account is not active anymore but i have emails of the amounts i deposited to this broker and any help i can get to recover this money and get this broker shut down i will be part of it.

Fake reviews!

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This broker pays visitors to leave positive reviews! Should be avoided at all costs.
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