Why should you invest in Playtech now?

PlaytechPlaytech is one of the biggest developers of online gambling software and land-based gambling industries in the world. The company was founded in 1999 in Estonia and over the years gained an amazing reputation and fame. In the last few years, the company has reported nothing but growth, which resulted in the higher prices of their stock shares. With Playtech’s forecast on one side and more expensive shares on the other, is it safe to invest your time and money in it?

The time is now

The answer is: yes. In the first 6 months of 2017, the company has reported 25% growth compared to the same period from last year, which means the revenue is standing at 421.6 million euro. The company has worked out a new multi-channel strategy which proved to be successful. The governance of Playtech announced that the from the first half of 2017 has grown by 19% compared to 2016.

As reported by the, the company is a “cash generator”. It is safe to say that the investors, who decided to be a part of Playtech group, can relax and wait for the money from the income to flow to their accounts. Based on the H1 results, we can be sure that Playtech’s whole year performance will be phenomenal and the forecasts for 2018 are nothing but positive. The company’s clients list keeps growing as well and includes best online casino websites like bet365 Casino,, Europa Casino, Quasar Gaming and many more.

Investing in Playtech might seem like a pricey move right now, but the truth is – the game just went on another level. The company is going strong, that is undeniable. There are voices that Playtech might be expanding even too fast for the industry standards but the company’s experts know what they are doing.

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Self-confidence is the key

Alan Jackson, Playtech’s chairman, shared his comment on the H1 performance, saying that the company has once more shown the strength of their model of business. He mentioned that the successful H1 was a result of both great growth and Playtech’s recent acquisitions. Jackman also admitted that thanks to the balanced strategy and continuous cash flow, the company is able to return all the invested capital to its shareholders, without any impact on the future acquisitions.

Best software choice

Playtech has definitely all rights to be called the leading provider on the online gaming market. More than 80 biggest and the most famous online casinos are using Playtech software. One of the secrets to its success is the variety and the quality of games that Playtech provides. The company offers more than 200 games – all unique and innovative. Playtech allows the players to choose from the variety of platforms and games, including live casinos, bingo, poker, and sports betting.

Looking at the reputation of Playtech and the performance from the last few years, the choice is easy – buying the company shares is the good decision right now and, although it could be a little pricey investment, it is definitely worth it.