InstaForex FX Rally Demo Contest

Sometimes in your life you just have to be really fast. The same goes for Forex trading. And the same goes for the new contest of the InstaForex. Are you ready for the super fast cosntest? Read what it really is below!

InstaForex FX Rally Demo Contest
Everyone     Prizes: 1,500 USD

Duration: 1 day             Leverage: 1:500

EA Trading: N/A           Prize Limitation: withdraw n/a

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InstaForex FX Rally Demo Contest Description

So it is Friday morning and you are already planning your weekend, or you already did and feel the euphoria. So why not to get some more excitement by increasing you Forex account balance for Monday? Imagine how much better will your weekend will be with such news. The InstaForex FX Rally Demo Contest gives you such opportunity.

As you already understood, this is the 1-day contest, which begins on Friday and ends on Friday as well. The contest is available for everybody, so all you have to do is register a new demo account and sign up for the contest before Friday.

As the InstaForex FX-1 Rally Demo Contest goes – you will be credited 40,000 USD on you demo account before the beginning of the contest. On Friday you will be able to trade on this account using only major currency pairs and forex crosses. The top 5 traders with the highest account balance at the end of Friday will get the prizes. The prizes are:

  • 1st place – $500
  • 2nd – $400
  • 3rd – $300
  • 4th – $200
  • 5th – $100

The InstaForex FX-1 Rally Demo Contest has a few important rules that you have to remember. Firstly, the available trading sizes are between 0.01 lot and 10 lots, so there is no reason to trade 11 lots, since the profit will not be counted. Also, you can have only 7 open orders at the same time.

Get some rally with this contest

Remember, you can win this contest only once per month, so if you do it the second time – you will not get your second prize. Pity, if you ask Forex Bonus Lab.

And, as it was in Sniper Demo Contest, you have to make at least 5% of your profits on GBP/USD and 5% GBP/JPY. We have no idea why this requirement is placed on every InstaForex contests including InstaForex FX Rally, but it is better to know this, so nothing will stop you from getting your prize.

Also, it is important to remember that all the prize money you receive cannot be withdrawn. So, you just increase your trading balance and enjoy all profits that you make with them without any limits.

InstaForex FX Rally Demo Contest will end in the beginning on November, so do not waste your time. Or just check our other demo contest afterwards.

Get some rally with this contest