Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus 10$

So, you do not want to make a deposit but want to try your skills in binary options trading? Or you do not have enough funds now but you are sure that you are good at trading?

Get ready for the Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus of 10$ for your binary options trading account. Launch the LION Trader platform and see how much you can get!

Hirose UK no deposit bonus
Size of Bonus:
 $10                   Trading Platform: LION B O

Expiration: 31 March 2015         Min. Volume: 0 Trades

Leverage: 1:1                                 Required Action: Open account

Sorry, folks, this offer has expired!

Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus 10 USD Description

Hirose UK presented its own binary options trading solution – LION Binary Options. Now you can try your skills at this platform for free. Absolutely!

All what you need to do in order to claim Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus 10 USD is to register at the LION Binary Options. Yes, you just register and instantly receive 10$ that can be used for binary options trading. You do not even need to verify your phone number!

What is more to Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus 10 USD is that any profit above the bonus can be withdrawn from the account without any limitations. The only drawback is that you will not be able to withdraw the initial Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus 10 USD. Initial balance can be used only for profit generation.

Also, do not forget that the minimum withdrawal amount at the Hirose UK is 20 USD for credit cards and internet payments, wire transfers begin with 50 USD.

Hirose UK is one of the Forex brokers that supplies LION Binary Options and works under UK FCA regulations. LION Binary Options platform allows you to trade binary options with the minimum trade size of 1 USD. The broker is using Japanese technologies which should be easy to adjust for every trader.

So do not wait, and try your binary options trading abilities using the Hirose UK No Deposit Bonus 10 USD!

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The offers ended on the 31st of March 2015, so please check our other no deposit offers!

Hirose UK is mainly a forex broker, you may check out pure binary options brokers for more offers like Hirose UK Bonus.

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