ForexBall Review: Demo Contest

Are you looking to find out more info about the ForexBall Demo Contest? Come check ForexBall Review by Forex Bonus Lab and see if you should take part in this contest. During the ForexBall review we will tell you more about the prices and most common questions. Read detailed ForexBall Review now!

forexball review demo contest
Everyone     Prizes: 8,000 USD

Duration: 1 week          Leverage: up to 1:500

EA Trading: No            Prize Limitation: Yes

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ForexBall Review: Demo Contest 2015 Details

ForexBall is a great demo contest designed to let people from all over the world compete for the trophy of the best forex trader. The contest has quite a nice global aspect, unlike most of the forex demo championships where traders compete against each other, at ForexBall trading competition you have to first become the best trader in your region. In other words, if you are from Europe, you are only competing against the European forex traders. Entering top3 in a certain division grants with the following prizes:

  • 1st place – 1,000 USD
  • 2nd place – 500 USD
  • 3rd place – 250 USD

So, each week best 15 traders are awarded with the aforementioned prizes. But ForexBall Competition goes far beyond that. Not only the trading competition rewards the traders on weekly basis, but it also provides prizes to the best 3 forex traders that have shown the best performance in 4 contests. Each month the following prizes are giving in the ForexBall contest:

  • 1st place – 3,000 USD
  • 2nd place – 2,000 USD
  • 3rd place – 1,000 USD

These prices are provided only to the best 3 traders, no geographical aspect is taking into consideration here.

Unfortunately you cannot withdraw ForexBall prizes straight away, you would need to complete a certain trading volume. This is way you could participate in other forex free contests, where the prices are available for immediate withdrawal. Click below to check such contests:

Check the above contests if you look into withdrawing your prizes or at least the profits. Find out more about withdrawing ForexBall profit below.

How can I withdraw ForexBall Contest Prize?

You may understand that such generous prizes given out weekly are not pure money available for the withdrawal. You do have to complete a certain trading volume before you can withdraw anything, either your initial balance or achieved profit. The general formula for the calculation of the trading volume is PRIZE AMOUNT / 10. This means that if you are awarded with 1,000 USD of the prize money, you have to trade 100 lots to withdraw this 1000 USD and all of the profits.

How can I participate in the ForexBall Demo Championship?

Participation in the ForexBall Championship is quite educative as well. Not only you can get access to the demo-accounts contest on forex market, but you are also provided with nice statistics, so you can see your best & worst trades. Also you are provided with an access to the top trading strategies and quite some nice educative articles.

You do not need to be a live client of any broker to participate, neither you need to make any deposit. The only thing you need is to sign up at ForexBall website to start participating in the ForexBall Demo Contest. Note that after you have participated 3 times, you will be asked to open an account with the sponsored brokers to continue participating.

How to win ForexBall Demo Tournament?

In general – do not cheat. This is the main rule. As ForexBonusLab has been checking, the demo championship admins do perform detailed checks of your account history, IP addresses used for logging in and so on. After conversing with the contest organizers, Forex Bonus Lab recommends you to only use transparent trading strategies. Next to it, this contest is certainly recommended for the Latin America traders, as they have the easiest division.

How to participate in ForexBall and ForexBall Review?

This is easy, simply click on the button below to participate in the contest. It begins weekly, so make sure you are subscribed for the upcoming contest. Once you are registered in the ForexBall Demo Competition, you will get a notification and your MT4 credentials at your email.

If you have a different opinion – contact us and we will include your comment or simply post a comment here.

ForexBall Review Conclusion

ForexBall is a fun contest, yet the prize aspect of it doesn’t go in line with the Forex Bonus Lab vision. This is why ForexBonusLab will recommend you to participate in the ForexBall only if you are looking for fun, not prize money. Should you be hunting for the bonuses, you would be better off getting an XM 30 USD Free account.


ForexBall review tells you that the contest is good, registration is easy and you can participate there for free up to 3 times. Yet the prizes are not available for withdrawal immediately.

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