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A top 3 list of successful Forex traders in South Africa

The Forex industry is incredibly easy to get into, but what is the most exciting is the fact that if you keep working in it, working on developing your skills, you will eventually become successful. There are many opportunities that the Forex industry provides for all kinds of people. Students who find themselves to be much better at trading than they thought they would be sometimes drop out and devote their full time to working on the markets. People who have been professionals for most of their life and find themselves successful in the markets at 50 quits and keep trading like there is nothing else. And in the case of those who start working in Forex trading South Africa industry, some of them find themselves to be extremely successful.

The thing with Forex is that anyone can end up being successful in it, as long as they work hard enough and learn enough. Such is the case of the people who we are going to be discussing now. These people come from South Africa and became some of the most successful traders in the country simply by allowing themselves to enjoy the opportunities that the industry provides. Some of them started trading on loans from their friends, others took no deposit bonuses not much different from the XM $30 no deposit bonus, while others simply took the money they had and invested in the industry. Exploring their cases and understanding where the most successful Forex traders in South Africa come from, might provide us with a hint or two on how to ourselves become one of them.

Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi was a very lucky man long before he had anything to do with becoming part of the list of successful Forex traders in South Africa. Originally from a poor district within South Africa, Sandile used to go to a local school, where he studied just like the other children did. He did not have anything special about him other than the drive to no longer be living in squalor. The school he went to required tuition to be paid regularly. One time Sandile, took the tuition that he had to pay for the entire year of study and invested it elsewhere. Specifically, he chose to try his luck on the Forex markets. What followed was a pure stroke of luck. Investing the money, he saw a return that enabled him to change his life and both pay off the tuition and continue trading on the Forex markets.

This is a very cinematic story, yes. It is as is fate had the turn of luck in store for him, and there was nothing but a life-changing event waiting for him. But while it is a magnificent story, it is important to remember that this was a stupid idea. There is no single situation where it is wise to take the last money you own, the money that you need in order to go to school and spend it on a market that you have no guarantee of gaining returns from. Even  Thankfully, Sandile got way lucky, and now the 26-year-old operates as a full-time Forex trader and is one of the richest Forex traders in South Africa who actually made money from Forex. He currently owns the Global Forex institute. There he teaches young people who want to become traders on how to trade on the markets, the concepts of Forex and other important details about the market that are useful in operating in the Forex industry. He is not alone in his mission to educate young South Africans though, and he has had a lot of help over the years.  Specifically, he has had some of the most from one of the most successful South African Forex millionaires and traders, George van der Riet.

George van der Riet

George is just like most other success stories that end up being told within the Forex and investment industries. He was an average man with the big dream of being rich one day. So George, after graduating from school in Capetown, decided it was time to move out of his native land and go on to the UK, see the world. There George grabbed another degree in Finance and ended up working

for several investment companies around the UK as a manager for Foreign Exchange markets. In his years of trading for companies with large capital access she quickly learned how to be a good trader and how to be a good entrepreneur. While he liked trading, he was tired of doing it for other people, so soon enough George quit and moved back to South Africa in order to become one of the best Forex traders in South Africa.

When he arrived, he was immediately seen as a good investment to have as part of your company. While he got some really good offers from companies, George decided that the best thing to do in order to become one of the top Forex traders in SA was to start his own company that would concentrate on investing in Forex. He did so in 2010, barely within a year of his return to his homeland. This is also when he found Sandile and realized that there was a great future for this stroke of luck millionnaire. They started working together and soon enough Sandile managed to become one of the top Forex trading SA millionaires and a good friend to George. Today they operate the Global Forex INstitute together.

Ref Wayne

While the Global Forex Institute is incredibly popular with the locals, it is not the only institution currently seeking to educate young South Africans in the Forex industry The African Forex Institute was founded by Ref Wayne, the main competitor to the title of one of the youngest Forex traders in South Africa. Ref became a millionaire when he started trading Forex at the age of 22 and has since decided to turn his skill with the markets into something that would be useful for the rest of Africa as well. He founded the institute and teaches about Forex, while also writing guides, books and releasing online courses for those who are interested in the industry.

His story is not as glamorous or as cinematic as the one Sandile tells, but it is one of success nevertheless. The story that is interesting comes after that man became regarded as one of the top 10 richest Forex traders in South Africa. He operates several ventures now, with one of his most recent and impressive ventures being the creator of one of the first African Cryptocurrencies called Pip coin. With this invention, he gives back to the community, while also doing good for himself. He says that unemployment within the country is one of the main reasons that drive him to be the entrepreneur that he is today, sharing the success he has with the rest of the country.

Forex trading in South Africa – a growing industry

The industry is quickly growing around the African continent, and it is something to be very excited about. hundreds and thousands of people are going on the internet to try their hand at Forex trading in South Africa. It promises a way for many to make money that they never thought they would be able to make, and it provides an opportunity to many to become something they never thought they would be able to be: one of the successful Forex Traders in South Africa who have managed to make millions on the markets.

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Russia to invest billions in Bitcoin

Diversifying one’s assets is a very accepted practice in the world of trading. All stock managers recommend doing so in order to keep your funds safe, especially when the market seems to be a rather bearish or the economy seems to be slumping a little bit. So it comes as no surprise that the Russian government has decided to diversify its assets by investing into Bitcoin.

Sanctions and loopholes

The Russian government has been facing sanctions for many years now. The western world has deemed some of its actions unsavoury and imposed a trading and financial sanctions upon the nation that have been weighing rather heavily on the economy. Even despite the occasional rise in the prices of oil, the country has been struggling to keep a healthy economy, with the slump continuing as Russia has trouble trading with the world in natural and financial resources alike. The result is that the Russian government has returned to a plan they had devised a little while ago: to start investing in cryptocurrencies. The initial plan, as it was first offered many months ago, was to create a national digital currency, nicknamed by those who were paying attention at the time as the “crypto Ruble”. The plan was denied at the time and this time again, with the Russian government opting instead to invest in already existing cryptocurrencies.

The investment itself might seem a little strange, judging by how bearish the market is, but it makes a lot of sense in terms of international trade and politics. Cryptocurrencies allow trade without bank intervention and with Russia having to face sanctions, banks have been getting in the way of their trading. By diversifying the country’s crypto portfolio and picking up some valuable digital assets, Russia might be able to get back on track in terms of world trade without having to deal with banks.

Effect on the market

The cryptocurrency industry has been booming lately, but the market remained bearish after the drastic price increase in 2017. Since then Bitcoin and Altcoins have fallen in value a whole lot. The good news is that the Russian government, while not making any specifications, is promising investments in the size of several billion dollars. Such a capital infusion from an institutional investment might be just what the market needs to be revitalized. The resulting value increase for Bitcoin might also be quite a boost to the Russian economy as the value of their investment increases as well.

Such a large scale investment is good news to other Russian interested parties as well. Gazprom bank, a subsidiary of the Gazprom corporation, has recently announced that it will be looking into offering digital asset services to its clients and might be investing in the coins themselves. Another large scale investment from an institution might be all that cryptocurrencies need to produce high rates of return for a company like Gazprom.

What is even more interesting is that such institutional interest might cause retail traders to come back to the crypto markets in hopes of getting a slice of the investment pie. What all of this actually means for the cryptocurrency industry and the crypto industry overall is yet to be seen.

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FXTM Loyalty Programme

When trading the forex market, your broker should be your most trusted partner. Not only do their services allow you to access the markets, but you also trust them with your money. However, this trust should be shared both ways, not just from the customer to their broker. Therefore, FXTM are taking steps to reward loyal customers through their new Loyalty Programme. It’s not enough for a broker to sign up new clients, they also need to keep the ones they’ve got satisfied. That is what this new programme aims to achieve – to give back to existing clients.

FXTM Rebate Bonus $4
  Minimum Deposit:
 $200               Maximum Rebate: $5 per Lot

   Bonus Period: 3 Jul 2017         Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 0 pips                       Restricted Countries: N/A

This deal is unreliable! Sign up with XM instead!

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GSG Forex No Deposit Bonus

There is an offer to open GSG Forex No Deposit Bonus Account and receive $200 No deposit. This offer is given to old customers and newcomers in order to celebrate the GSG online community. However, this is not a good deal and it will be better for you to stay away. Wonder why? We will explain.

Size of Bonus:
 $200     Trading Platform: Meta Trader 4

Expiration: N/A               Min. Volume: 20 Lots

Leverage: 1:100                 Required Action: Account

This deal is unreliable! Take 30 USD from XM

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AGEA Deposit Bonus

Interested in deals from Forex Brokers with questionable reputation? If not, we advise you to stay away from this deal and find something more suitable in our Forex Deposit Bonus Category. But if you are still interested, read full AGEA Deposit Bonus 30% Review below!

agea forex
Size of Bonus:
 30%           Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

Expiration: N/A                  Min. Volume: N/A

Leverage: 1:200                     Required Action: Email

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cTrader – Best FX Platform 2015

cTrader Awarded best fx platform 2015FX retail industry has been strongly dominated by MetaQuotes for over a decade, yet the year 2015 is certainly a game changer. With over 80 connected brokers by the month of June 2015, Spotware is here to change the whole philosophy behind trading Forex. Today we are happy to announce that cTrader by Spotware is acknowledged as the Best FX Platform 2015 by Forex Bonus Lab’s community.

Why cTrader?

There are many reasons why traders would actually prefer cTrader to MT4, MT5 or any other platform in the armoury of FX brokers, however, our readers have summarised the following reasons to be the most crucial ones:

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