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Financial Regulations in South Africa

Financial regulations are one of the most important aspects of a good Forex broker. The regulator makes sure that the broker is not doing anything shady and also gives guarantees to traders that no matter what happens they will be able to compensate for their defrauded funds. This is why we pay so much attention to regulation in our reviews, in most cases a lack of regulation is so serious that a broker can immediately be branded as a scam, but in some cases, a strong and popular parent-corporation is enough to cover all of the questions.

Nearly every country has a Financial regulator installed by the state, but there are a few exceptions where they are lacking. Most notably, financial regulators are few and far between on the African continent, but some stand out very easily. is one of the best examples of a shining light among an under-developed financial sector. It is a perfect example for its neighboring countries and a beacon of regulatory frameworks. Let’s find out what makes the FSCA (Financial Services Conduct Authority) stand out from the crowd.

Defining features of the FSCA

the FSCA, formerly known as the FSB is the state governed Financial regulation of South Africa, which is directly responsible to regulate, govern and keep an eye on most financial companies. These companies include but are not limited to Forex brokers, Insurers, capital markets, financial service providers, collective investment schemes, retirement funds, credit agents and many more. Every company that is remotely dedicated to these industries will be susceptible to FSCA regulations.

However, we need to discuss what defines the FSCA as the top-dog within Financial regulators? is it because they’re strict? No, every regulator is strict. It’s because they provide more value to financial companies’ customers than any other regulator. Where most regulators focus on keeping an eye on the financial companies themselves, the FSCA is also concerned with the financial education of the customers and is offering them some free courses on their platform.

These types of innovations have not yet been seen on any other regulator, and it is understandable. The financial education of a customer is either the responsibility of the customer themselves, or the host company. But it never hurts to have some free knowledge, does it?

The FSCA is quite broad

One of South Africa’s defining traits is the way their financial institutions are able to co-operate. For example in most European and offshore states, the Financial Regulator and the National Bank seldom have a good relationship. But the FSCA and the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) are able to co-operate without too many controversies. Their recent cooperation was seen when discussing , which is becoming more and more of a topic of concern. Especially after the results of a recent survey showed that South Africa is the largest crypto holding nation in terms of population percentage.

However, the most defining traits of the FSCA is their ability to intervene in a dispute between a Forex broker and a customer, where quality investigations are held and the “winner” of the dispute is found. This is a great benefit for the customer because in some cases Forex brokers can simply ignore the dispute, but the regulator’s pressure they simply can’t afford to.

As already mentioned, the FSCA is responsible that only the most trustworthy companies are regulated under its jurisdiction, so as to prevent any fraudulent companies to scam the local populace. However, if there is a mistake and a regulated company does indeed turn out to be a scam, the regulator takes all of the responsibility to compensate for the loss.

How to use the FSCA

There are various ways you can utilize the services of the FSCA, but only 1 of them stands out the most for Forex traders. The ability to check the validity of a Forex broker in South Africa. Meaning that you can access the regulator’s databases and check whether or not the company is regulated by them. In some cases, the company may be listed, but not hold the license anymore, so it is always good to double-check with the regulator to make sure you’re not walking into a trap.

The FSCA has actually just gone through a massive change of operations. Exactly a year ago, on April 1st the regulator changed its name from FSB to FSCA and also re-worked its staff. Although not much has changed, here are the main points.

  1. The FSCA is responsible for giving investors financial education.
  2. Constant overview of the KPIs and the development of South Africa’s financial sector.
  3. Legal assistance for investors in case of company fraud, and fining any .
  4. Spreading information about potential changes with regulated companies.
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Russia to invest billions in Bitcoin

Diversifying one’s assets is a very accepted practice in the world of trading. All stock managers recommend doing so in order to keep your funds safe, especially when the market seems to be a rather bearish or the economy seems to be slumping a little bit. So it comes as no surprise that the Russian government has decided to diversify its assets by investing into Bitcoin.

Sanctions and loopholes

The Russian government has been facing sanctions for many years now. The western world has deemed some of its actions unsavoury and imposed a trading and financial sanctions upon the nation that have been weighing rather heavily on the economy. Even despite the occasional rise in the prices of oil, the country has been struggling to keep a healthy economy, with the slump continuing as Russia has trouble trading with the world in natural and financial resources alike. The result is that the Russian government has returned to a plan they had devised a little while ago: to start investing in cryptocurrencies. The initial plan, as it was first offered many months ago, was to create a national digital currency, nicknamed by those who were paying attention at the time as the “crypto Ruble”. The plan was denied at the time and this time again, with the Russian government opting instead to invest in already existing cryptocurrencies.

The investment itself might seem a little strange, judging by how bearish the market is, but it makes a lot of sense in terms of international trade and politics. Cryptocurrencies allow trade without bank intervention and with Russia having to face sanctions, banks have been getting in the way of their trading. By diversifying the country’s crypto portfolio and picking up some valuable digital assets, Russia might be able to get back on track in terms of world trade without having to deal with banks.

Effect on the market

The cryptocurrency industry has been booming lately, but the market remained bearish after the drastic price increase in 2017. Since then Bitcoin and Altcoins have fallen in value a whole lot. The good news is that the Russian government, while not making any specifications, is promising investments in the size of several billion dollars. Such a capital infusion from an institutional investment might be just what the market needs to be revitalized. The resulting value increase for Bitcoin might also be quite a boost to the Russian economy as the value of their investment increases as well.

Such a large scale investment is good news to other Russian interested parties as well. Gazprom bank, a subsidiary of the Gazprom corporation, has recently announced that it will be looking into offering digital asset services to its clients and might be investing in the coins themselves. Another large scale investment from an institution might be all that cryptocurrencies need to produce high rates of return for a company like Gazprom.

What is even more interesting is that such institutional interest might cause retail traders to come back to the crypto markets in hopes of getting a slice of the investment pie. What all of this actually means for the cryptocurrency industry and the crypto industry overall is yet to be seen.

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EverFX 100% Deposit Bonus Review

Being able to trade with a reliable Forex broker is a feat that some people underappreciate. The fact that, the same Forex broker can provide a significant deposit bonus is one of the luxuries not many traders are given.

Today we will be talking about the EverFX deposit bonus.

EverFX Review
  Minimum Deposit:
$250         Maximum Bonus: $10,000

   Bonus Period: N/A                  Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 2 pips                Restricted Countries: No

Hungry for the bonus? Get 50%+20% from XM!

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OctaFX Deposit Bonus Review

OctaFX is a broker that allows customers to trade in 28 currency pairs, 10 indices, select cryptocurrencies, commodities such as gold and Brent crude oil and more. The company has gathered over a million user accounts and has executed more than 250 million trades. OctaFX operates multinational and currently, reaches customers in 100 countries. Interestingly, the company provides on its website a number depicting the total amount of money paid out as bonuses that are updated live. At the moment of writing, the number stands at $2,436,492. This was achieved through an OctaFX bonus scheme that allows customers to receive up to 50% for free on each deposit. Below we provide the OctaFX bonus review as well as the details on how to obtain it.

OctaFX Review Forex Broker
  Minimum Deposit:
$50                Maximum Bonus: N/A

   Bonus Period: N/A                      Eligibility: New

  Spreads: from 1 pip                  Restricted Countries: US

Ready for account boost? Sign up with OctaFX! 

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The Stratton Trading Library

So many events are leading to a volatile market filled with trading opportunities. Would you like to take advantage of the market events, but lack the knowledge to do it? Stratton is building one of the most comprehensive learning centres which promises to grow into one of the best in the industry.

stratton markets
  Eligibility: Everyone

 Importance: High

   Availability: 24/7

Try Stratton Trading Library

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FXTM Loyalty Programme

When trading the forex market, your broker should be your most trusted partner. Not only do their services allow you to access the markets, but you also trust them with your money. However, this trust should be shared both ways, not just from the customer to their broker. Therefore, FXTM are taking steps to reward loyal customers through their new Loyalty Programme. It’s not enough for a broker to sign up new clients, they also need to keep the ones they’ve got satisfied. That is what this new programme aims to achieve – to give back to existing clients.

FXTM Rebate Bonus $4
  Minimum Deposit:
 $200               Maximum Rebate: $5 per Lot

   Bonus Period: 3 Jul 2017         Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 0 pips                       Restricted Countries: N/A

This deal is unreliable! Sign up with XM instead!

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Places where you can still get no deposit bonuses in EU

Places where you can still get no deposit bonuses in EUIn the EU, laws governing most aspects are shared, including those that oversee online financial trading. These laws are embodied within the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), and they apply to all EU member states. The first version of MiFID was implemented in 2007 primarily governing over-the-counter (OTC) transaction. These cover everything from Forex and binary options trading as well as other derivatives like CFDs (commodities for difference). Continue Reading →

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XM 30 USD Non-Deposit Bonus

XM no deposit bonus is a great opportunity for the beginners or the traders that have not had any trading experience with the company. The broker has proved its excellence many times during its 10 years presence on the Forex trading market and is widely known as a reliable broker around the globe. Currently, XM is offering a free bonus to its new clients all around the world. Customers who are willing to start trading with XM can get $30 trading bonus after creating the real trading account with them. The bonus is available for anyone, but people who want to claim it should meet certain criteria. In this XM no deposit bonus review we will explain how can you get your free 30 USD and what are the terms and conditions of using it.

XM logo
Size of Bonus:
 $30      Trading Platform: MT4, MT5, Web

Expiration: No               Min. Volume: N/A

Leverage: 1:30**               Required Action: SMS Verification

This is a limited offer. Sign up now!
*Clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd and Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Ltd are not eligible for the bonus.**“Leverage applies to all EU regulated entities of the group. Leverage depends on the financial instrument traded.

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EasyMarkets No Deposit Bonus

Ready for a new exciting deal? Wanna take advantage of free Forex trading without any liabilities? You are in the correct place. This deal will blow your ships out of the water for two main reasons! Which ones? Find out in our full EasyMarkets No Deposit Bonus Review and get free 25 EUR!

This deal is over!

Easy-Forex No Deposit Bonus
Size of Bonus:
 N/A        Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

Expiration: 180 Days             Min. Volume: N/A

Leverage: 1:200                        Required Action: Registration

Sign up with EasyMarkets!

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IFC Markets Bonus Review

IFC Markets is an online forex broker. They are a Cyprus Investment Firm. Their regulation is done by CySec. They are a part of the IFCM Group of financial services. This group also includes the NetTradeX software development firm. This explains their use of the NetTradeX trading platform along with the highly popular MT4 platform. Read our IFC Markets bonus review to find out why this broker is not worth your time.

IFC Markets Review
Size of Bonus:
 N/A      Trading Platform: MT4

Expiration: Yes               Min. Volume: N/A

Leverage: 1:400                Required Action: N/A

This deal is not reliable. Sign up with Plus500 instead!

80.6% of retail CFD accounts lose money

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