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Looking to start trading with real money? Forex Bonus Lab has collect a lot of great forex deposit bonus deals for you! Browse through deposit bonus listings below and pick up the one that suits you best. There are a lot of best forex deposit bonus deals waiting for you below.

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So what is forex deposit bonus?

There is a great number of forex brokers out there and every year it keeps on growing. With the forex deposit bonus offers brokers try to keep their existing clients from moving away to the competition. In addition to this, offering bonus on forex deposit deals is a great way to attract new clients. Also, the more funds you have available, the larger the volume of your transaction is – this way a broker can earn more in commissions.

In other words, forex bonus on deposit is a way to reward traders for trading with a particular brokerage. The main attribute of the deposit bonus is that it is given on your trading account upon depositing a certain amount of funds. In most of the cases, the bonus is a certain amount of money. However, it is possible to see some deposit bonus offers that provide you with a certain gift – iPad & iPhone are the most common ones. In other cases, a broker may allow you to enjoy some premium materials – exclusive webinars, account rebates and more.

Why Do I need a Bonus on Forex Deposit?

There are many reasons to trade with a deposit bonus on your forex trading account. To make long story short – you can simply get more and do more when you have a forex bonus on your deposit! As simple as that.

Forex Bonus Lab only lets you have bonuses from the trusted forex brokers. This is why, only honest forex deposit bonus reviews are placed on our site.

How to find a deposit bonus offer right for me?

First you need to determine what you want. This generally depends on your trading experience. The rule of thumb here – never overestimate yourself. Another rule – do not go for big numbers, unless you have a full understanding of what to do.

If you are a beginner in trading – do not involve in the deposit bonus. Such offers usually require you to complete a certain volume of the transactions. As you are not prepared yet, you are risking to blow your account before you get to complete even a half of the required volume. Trading newbies are recommended to try some educational offers first.

Experienced traders can get quite a substantial extra income with deposit bonus offers. The best way to achieve it – pick up a bonus offer that is achievable. Easily achievable! Never go for extra trading to achieve the bonus. The best is to pick up a bonus that you can withdraw by trading about 80% of the volume you usually trade.

How can I benefit from a bonus on my forex account?

In simple words – you can get the spread and commissions you pay compensated by the bonus. It is also possible to adapt one of the forex bonus trading strategies and this way you can actually start exploring the whole new world of forex trading. Forex Bonus Lab provides you with the best tips and tricks regarding forex bonus trading and this way you can actually try something completely different from your regular trading.

Let us show you one example of bonus trading. Imagine you are going for a bonus of XL size. Let’s assume you have opened an account with IronFX and received a 60% deposit bonus on your trading account. Usually you would be provided with a leverage 500:1 (depending on your account size). However, with such a large bonus, your maximum transaction amount is increasing. As you have 60% more of the available funds, you can also open 60% larger positions. This way you get to trade with a leverage similar to 800:1. This can especially useful for break-out trading or trading on certain news releases. By opening a large position in the right direction, you can expect to generate enormous income with a relatively small deposit.

Difference between forex deposit bonus and forex rebates

Deposit bonus is usually given upon depositing a certain amount of funds with a broker. Forex rebates are usually given to everyone, no matter what is the size of the account. Rebates are also available instantly, while deposit bonus becomes available once you have completed a certain amount of the trades. The dollar value per lot tends to be smaller with the rebates, while it is higher with the deposit bonus.

How to get bonus on forex deposit?

With Forex Bonus Lab it is easy. The first thing that you need to do is to select a proper broker. Once this has been completed, explore the bonus offers at Forex Bonus Lab or at the site of your preferred broker. If you are unable to find a decent bonus offer – let us know and we will guide you. If you are not sure whether the bonus deal is achievable – inform us and we will analyze it for you.

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