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This is a perfect guide for both the starts and experienced bonus traders, it uncovers lots of tips and tricks!

What is a Forex Deposit Bonus?

Most of the reputable Forex brokers are making money on the Spreads and Commissions that a trader pays. The more positions a trader opens – the higher is the broker’s income. This is why getting lots of traders with high trading volumes is a goal of every broker. For this reason, the brokers offer certain deposit bonuses to attract clients. In reality, these bonuses are simply the way of giving back the commissions and spreads that a trader pays. However, in many cases the bonus is provided upfront, but is unlocked (transferred into trader’s property) once a certain trading volume is accomplished. This type of a bonus also serves as an account boost, as it allows a trader to use a higher margin.

Example of a Forex Deposit Bonus

Let’s say you are about to deposit 1,000 USD into a trading account with the Broker XYZ. This broker offers a deposit bonus of 30%, which is unlocked after 1 lot for each of the 5 USD of the bonus is completed. Then we arrive to the following:

  • Trader’s deposit: 1,000 USD
  • Broker’s bonus: 300 USD
  • Trader’s new balance: 1,300 USD
  • Trading Volume: 60 lots (300 USD / 5)

What we are understanding here is that when depositing with this broker, a trader will gain an ability to trade larger volumes within the same risk management technique and will also get a chance to earn extra 300 USD once he has traded 60 round turn lots.

Forex Bonus Advantages

Trading with a good deposit bonus offer is certainly attractive due to the following:

  • Additional Margin (Lower Stop Out Level)
  • Ability to Trade Higher Volumes
  • Extra Income Upon Volume Completion
  • More Funds for Trial & Error
  • Boosted Discipline and Motivation

Forex Bonus Disadvantages

The weak points of bonus trading usually depend on the broker that offers the bonus, most frequently we encounter the following disadvantages:

  • Inability to Unlock Bonus
  • Withdrawal Prohibition
  • Bonus Expiration Period
  • Trading Restrictions
  • Changing Terms

Best Forex Bonus Features

There are many bonuses out here and for a rookie trader it can be rather hard to choose a proper one. When browsing the websites you can easily encounter bonus deals that range from 10% to 400%. How to find out the deal that is the best for you? Read below!

Forex Bonus Should Be Withdraw-able

This of course does not mean that you should be able to take your bonus immediately. Still, the bonus is only useful if you are able to get it into your ownership upon the completion of trading requirements. Stay away from bonuses that cannot be withdrawn – they are no good for you!

FX Bonus Needs Be Realistic

Do not hunt for the bonuses where you cannot complete the trading volume requirement in order to cash them out. In most of the cases, it would be much better to get a 30% bonus rather than 100% bonus, as the chances you will complete enough volume for the later are quite small.

The Broker Must Be Reputable

Remember, you trade Forex in order to gain profit, not the bonus. The main idea of FX trading is to get the profit from the market itself. Bonus here is just a secondary tool that helps you trade more with the same money invested. Hence, broker choice goes before bonus.

Terms & Conditions Are Clear

Some brokers will try to make you an attractive bonus offer, but once you read the terms and conditions you will see that it is not so fruitful. This is often the case, so read T&C always BEFORE you deposit. Some broker may have even such conditions that allow them to remove the bonus from your account without any notification and rationale – so read T&C with caution!

There Should Be No Stress

Trading is risky and stressful. Don’t look for the bonus that will make it ever harder for yourself. Get the bonus that doesn’t have a short expiration period and tight parameters of a valid trade.

Unlocking Forex Deposit Bonus

Now we gonna turn to the most interesting point of this handout – getting the bonus into your ownership. Once you have managed to complete this, you will be able to cash out your bonus or simply use it for trading as it were your own money – no restrictions apply. However, getting there is not so easy, below you can find Top 3 for unlocking your bonus.

1. Measure Your Trading Frequency

Preparation always counts for the majority of the result – same applies to the FX trading. Once you decided to go for a bonus, make some simple calculations before you choose one.

Calculate Average Trading Volume

Take a look at your recent six month performance and see how much volume you are trade on average per day. Then check the bonus volume requirements and its expiration period (if there is one) and check if it fits your frequency. The rule of thumb – don’t go for the volume that is higher than 80% of your average.

2. Confirm The Terms & Conditions

This is a vital step. Once you have opened an account with the broker – do not deposit to get your bonus straight away. Before you put in your money, mail you account manager, quote all of the Terms & Conditions in your email as a text and ask the account manager to confirm them.

3. Bonus Trading Strategy

Profit should be your main target, not the bonus itself. Begin slowly as there is no bonus, however, when the expiration period comes to an end you may try to open more trades just to complete the required volume or turn into scalping strategies. Do not make withdrawals from your bonus account, as this would minimise the size of your trades.

Hedging also helps quite a lot when it comes to fulfilling the trading volume requirement. Brokers often prohibit it, but you can always try hedging by using correlated currencies.

If you see halfway that you cannot complete the volume in time, try to negotiate with your account manager. Usually, as the experience of bonus forex guide suggests, he will be happy to prolong the expiration period for a few weeks.

Useful Links & Honest Bonuses

As we have now covered the basics of Forex Deposit Bonuses, now we would like to present you with the list of links and promotions that you may find useful. Below you will find the most appreciated articles and reliable bonuses tested by our authors.

1 Minute Scalping Strategy

This is a perfect strategy for the bonus trading, as it allows you to generate substantial trading amounts even within a day. Use this strategy to unlock such big bonuses as 50% or even 80%.

The Rails: Bonus Trading Strategy

An amazing secret strategy that lets you profit without actually unlocking the bonus. Many brokers prohibit this  strategy, yet it is always possible to find the one that does not.

How to Choose The Best Forex Broker?

A practical guide on choosing a right partner for your trading. Understand the needed steps in order to find a Forex broker of the swiss-bank quality in a few easy steps.

Forex Bonus Lab presents you with a few featured bonus deals from regulated FX brokers.

Alfatrade 35% Bonus up to $10,000

Great bonus for serious traders. No expiration, easy conditions, FCA regulated.

XTB 10% Deposit Bonus

Great broker that offers MT4 and xStation with a neat 10% deposit bonus. Pro choice.

XM 50%+20% Bonus

Start with XM, get WebTrader and boost your account for up to 70% now!

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