ETX Capital Bonuses Review

ETX Capital appears to be one of newest brokers on the trading market. However, its name had been changed many times since the original date of launch. In the beginning, it was known as Tradition UK and Tradeindex and after a couple of years it evolved into the ETX Capital. The company is situated in London and over the years, it has developed a doubtful reputation, mostly because of its unclear ETX Capital promotions and bonus systems.

ETX Capital Bonuses Review
Minimum Deposit:
$1000    Maximum Bonus: $10,000

Bonus Period: N/A               Eligibility: Any

Spreads: from 1 pip               Restricted Countries: N/A

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65% ETX Bonus Offer

First thing to start with is a bizarre 65% ETX Capital bonus offer. One needs to make a deposit to a new or an existing ETX Capital account in order to receive a 65% bonus. For instance, if one deposits $10,000 then ETX Capital would add $6,500 bonus cash on the account. However, the trick with the current promotion is one allows to withdrawn the money when an account would generate 300% of the cash bonus in trading spreads.

New 60% up to £6,000 ETX Welcome Bonus

Another ETX Capital promotion aimed to attract new clients by offering them a bonus with 60% of returns, if one deposits more than $1,000 at once. In addition to this huge deposit, clients had to contact a customer service in order to receive a bonus. Table below presents the sums of the first deposit and bonuses which could have been received by a client:

New 60% up to £6,000 ETX Welcome Bonus

This option was quite uncomfortable and took a lot of time to get it done compared to the Z.Com Trade, where one is able to register and push a button in order to claim a bonus.

Free £500 Educational Course

Another ETX Capital bonus that caused a great resentment among many clients was a free $500 educational course. This broker offered an intensive educational course, which was suppose to help people improve their skills. However, the entire concept appeared to be a simple seminar that consisted of two parts and could have been found on the internet free of charge.

This concept remained to be a frustration, because it did not just adjust the trading skills, but many other brokers tend to provide high quality educational materials for free (even for non-registered members).

ETX Capital Deposit Bonus

At the moment ETX Capital offers a deposit bonus, where one is able to receive a bonus that equals to his first deposit. For instance, if one deposits a $100 on his account, then ETX Capital would add additional $100 as a bonus. This deposit bonus works up to the sum of $3,750, since this is a maximum bonus that someone is able to receive.

ETX Capital Deposit Bonus

ETX Capital no deposit bonus

Another no deposit bonus that can be taken into account is a $20 free bonus. In order to start trading, one just needs to register himself in the system and contact customer service in order to receive a bonus. Quite old and boring procedure.

Why someone needs to wait up to 48 hours in order to receive a bonus? On the other hand, Z.Com Trade offers you a free demo account without any deposit. Just register yourself and mention your cell phone number for verification procedure and within a couple of mins your bonus would be added to your profile.