ETFinance Forex broker review – a detailed analysis


ETFinance is a relatively new Forex brokerage in the industry and it has entered the market with flying colors. In our ETFinance review, we will focus on discussing the broker’s trading conditions, its legal documentation for offering financial services to various markets and many many more.

We will make sure to compare ETFinance to the industry standards currently in place for Forex and determine whether or not the company is able to surpass the average or whether it fails in the attempt.

Leverage: 1:500  Licences: CySEC

Min. Deposit: 215 EUR  Bonus: N/A

Spreads: from 0 pips US Clients: No

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Good news everyone! We have found a newcomer in the industry. ETFinance Forex broker is a recent addition to the modern ranks of brokers working in EU, and they are something else. The young age of the company has allowed them to offer a service that is relatively unique in the industry, in terms of how high quality their services are and how well they treat their users. The products these guys offer, the licenses they hold and the quality of their customer service all results in us wanting nothing more than to talk about these guys. They are a new find in the industry for us and you should look out for them too. After all, it is not often that such a high-quality broker is founded so recently. So, let us get into the details about the broker and talk about why you should really consider starting to work with them. review of general characteristics

The first thing that a person notices when they start looking at a new broker is the website that they operate with. It is the business card of the company and the main way for the broker to prove themselves to be reliable and interesting after advertising off-site. In the case of ETFinance, we get a very interesting combination of two qualities: minimalism and easy navigation. The website itself takes the simple combination of white and blue and keeps it the way you first found it. There is no imagery to overwhelm you, no needless text – everything is streamlined and minimalist, created in order to help you navigate through the loads of information the broker has to provide for you, with ease. As a result, the website is pleasant to spend time on and play around with, explore and find all of the details that you need to be aware of. This makes our ETFinance review a lot easier to write review

The navigation bar on top of the website allows you to travel to any point of the website at any time you want and find the information you would like quickly. There is no inefficiency that ramps up the loading time and no needless video content that overloads and slows down the website. As a result, the exploration of the page is quick and the information is succinct. The most useful page is, of course, the one detailing the terms and conditions of working with the broker, as well as listing all of the licenses and regulators that they are working with. Anything about the operations can be found on this page. The only problem is that the page is extremely long and contains a whole lot of information. This density might result in some people feeling a little lost, but it is highly encouraged that you go ahead and read the information anyway, since ETFinance FX Brokerage goes into detail how they operate, and some of the details might be more agreeable with you than others.

ETFinance MT4 and features

ETFinance offers its users several choices of platforms, in order to enable them to start trading on the markets. The ever-present MT4 option is, of course, present with this broker, which is something that some of the more experienced trades will be very excited to find out. MT4 offers a slew of features that many traders up to now have reflected on as being incredibly enjoyable and useful in their experience. The cornucopia of useful tracking features and indicators tend to be beloved by all users. If MT4 is not something that the users find especially useful, they can also opt for using the Webtrader that the broker offers. Webtrader is just a browser-based trading application that would allow people to trade without an issue without ever downloading anything extra. Both of these platforms are easily accessible to newbie traders and the fact that there is a choice between the two makes our ETFinance opinion much more positive than it was before. To add on to that, the broker also offers a mobile version of their trading platform, which is definitely a positive aspect. Not everyone wants to spend entire days at their laptop and being able to trade on the go is key to being a successful trader nowadays.

ETFinance also offers its traders a number of other advantages. Most traders are encouraged to deposit at least ten dollars in order to be able to start trading successfully, but the minimum deposit at to start working with the ETFinance is €215. There are no fees or commissions to pay and the spreads are pretty tight. This is a very important feature for all traders, as it defines how much money you will actually be made with the broker. The broker also offers leverage, but being under ESMA regulation, they are only able to offer a maximum of 1:30 to beginner traders. Beyond that, the traders will have to prove their professional trader status in order to receive higher leverage.

Although, once the professional trader status has been received, traders will be able to receive up to 1:500 leverage on their Forex deals, and 1:125 on some of the other assets that can be traded with the broker. The assets that can be traded are Forex, Metals, Indices, Stocks and Commodities. All of these are CFDs and are high-risk assets for trade, so be careful when picking high leverage to go along with your positions! The fact that the broker offers such a variety of tradeable assets allows us to increase the ETFinance rating by a whole lot.

Is ETFinance legit?

In order to determine the answer to that question, we have to examine whether the broker has any licenses with some of the world’s most reliable brokers. When checking the website and when checking with the regulators, we find out that the broker is licensed by CySec, which is a Cyprus based financial exchange regulatory body. It is a highly reliable and world-famous regulatory body, for how well it monitors and enforces its rules, which makes us think that the broker is not only legit but is also as far away from an ETFinance scam as it gets. Add to this that they have licenses from the FCA and from BaFin and what you get is an extremely reliable broker. So, just purely through the licenses they carry, the broker is known to be highly reliable.

Furthermore, the broker just recently became an official sponsor of the Real Madrid basketball team, giving them a little bit more of a trustworthy face, and deservedly so.

ETFinance regulation

Unfortunately, with the broker being as young and recent as they are, not that many ETFinance reviews are available online. The few that are available are positive, stating that the broker is reliable and provides a high-quality service. So far, from our own experience, the broker indeed does provide a good service, which is why we believe it deserves a high rating, so far.

To sum up

Overall, ETFinance seems to be one of the better brokers available online right now. They provide high-quality service and they are licensed by multiple highly respected regulatory bodies. Moreover, we have also gotten in touch with their customer service, who turned out to be very helpful, informative and available 24 hours a day, five days a week. All of this proves that ETFinance fraud is impossible and that it is one of the best brokers available online right now.

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