EasyMarkets Limit Your Risk Bonus

Do you hedge your Forex trading? Or have you heard about binary options trading but did not have a chance to try it just because it is risky? Either way, with easyMarkets both possibilities just become much easier! Read full EasyMarkets Limit Your Risk Bonus Description and find out how it can help you with your trading!

EasyMarkets Limit Your Risk Bonus
  Minimum Deposit:
$25               Maximum Bonus: $300

   Bonus Period: 30.09                  Eligibility: New

  Spreads: from 1.8 pips                 Restricted Countries: EU

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easyMarkets Limit Your Risk Bonus Description

Even if you think that binary options trading is not for you, you will certainly want this bonus! Just imagine that your Forex trading is no more fully exposed to risk, sounds cool, right? This deal is able to give you exactly that.

easyMarkets Limit Your Risk Bonus allows you to get risk-free binary options that can be used on any purpose you want! So, you can just try yourself in binary options trading and maybe you will love it. Or you can use this trades to hedge your Forex trading and get profit even if your predictions were not correct.

This deal gives you 5 risk free binary options. Meaning that if your binary option was successful, you will get profits and if it was not – full refund is waiting for you! But do remember that every binary option is counted, so if your first five trades were profitable, there are no binary options without risk left for you!

But, if 4 out of 5 first binary options from easyMarkets that you’ve traded were total failure, you will get refunded for them. So, no risk attached!

Get 5 risk-free binaries with easyMarkets

Bear in mind that total value of your safe binary options should not exceed 300 USD. So, if you decide to get binaries that total 500 USD at once, you will get only 60% of it insured.

Furthermore, this deal is available only for those who have never traded binary options with easyMarkets before. If you are one of them – you should definitely try easyMarkets risk-free binary options!

Get risk limit from easyMarkets