easyMarkets Deposit Bonus 50%

We, Forex Bonus Lab, love deposit bonuses. Especially if they are offered by Forex broker with such a long history. This deal allows you to get more trading funds than your deposit. Read full easyMarkets Deposit Bonus description below and find out how good it really is!

easyMarkets Deposit Bonus 20%
  Minimum Deposit:
$25                Maximum Bonus: $2000

   Bonus Period: N/A                      Eligibility: New

  Spreads: from 1.8 pips                  Restricted Countries: EU

Ready for account boost? Sign up with easyMarkets!* Excluding EU clients 

easyMarkets Deposit Bonus 50% Description * Excluding EU clients

Forex trading can be tough, especially if you are low on funds and still want to get the most out of your trades. This is why getting deposit bonus from a well-known broker might be a good idea. This bonus will give you some additional 50% of your initial deposit for trading purposes. It seems like not much, but remember that Best Forex Brokers do not offer you any ridiculously high deals.

EasyMarkets deposit bonus

EasyMarkets Deposit Bonus 50% is available for new clients only. So if your broker has nothing good to offer to you, think about switching to easyMarkets and get initial boost to your account. Also, you have to bear in mind that your first deposit should come in not more than 30 days after you open an account. So if you are not sure, it is better to take your time and open your account when you are ready for real market conditions and live trading.

easyMarkets bonus limits * Excluding EU clients

Furthermore, do not forget that easyMarkets Deposit Bonus is able to supply you with as much as 2,000 USD bonus, meaning that if you decide to deposit more than $10k, you will get 2,000 USD extra only. But it still seems like a great addition if you ask us.

Another thing that you should remember is that bonus can be used for trading only. So, you will have no chance of withdrawing this money from the broker. But all your other funds and profits can be withdrawn without any limitations. This is actually good since you will not have to think about the trading volume that you are obliged to accomplish before your first withdrawal will be approved. An easy bonus from easyMarkets!

Get up to 2000 EUR with easyMarkets
* Excluding EU clients

How to get EasyMarkets Deposit Bonus 50%? * Excluding EU clients

Getting this bonus is not difficult and even if it is your first bonus claim, you will have no problems getting it. First of all, you should register your first account at easyMarkets. It is crucial that you open account at easyMarkets for the first time, or no easyMarkets Deposit Bonus 50% will come to you.

After that, make a deposit and write an email to your account manager with the topic “50% Bonus“. And this is everything, your account manager will contact you and will boost your account! Great deal, folks!

Get 50% more from easyMarkets
* Excluding EU clients