Dukascopy Webinars

A Dukascopy Webinar is mainly targeted for the active traders. You will hardly be able to learn about forex basics, trading psychology and other common topics with Dukascopy. What Dukascopy webninar gives you is a large set of financial content. During a Dukascopy webinar you will get the assets analyzed and price predicted!

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  Eligibility: Everyone

 Difficulty: Medium

   Recordings: Available

What is a Dukascopy Webinar?

These webinars are not friendly for beginners. Dukascopy webinars  include a large amount of technical and fundamental content. This type of information is quite actionable. Although if you are just starting, you may visit Dukascopy webinars after you have learnt the basics of forex trading. Actionable content can result in the profit on your demo account.

If you are trading with real money, then these webinars will be extra useful for you. You can get trading ideas, pattern studies and the analysis of the daily news. Not enough? You can also transfer this knowledge into setting your stop losses and take profits.

On top of this, Dukascopy provides FX Community webinars, where you can meet the winners of forex contests sharing their knowledge. This is quite fun!

Participate in Webinars

Not familiar with the technical analysis term? Then Forex Bonus Lab suggest you to check out our forex dictionary. Also you can click here to read a wikipedia article.

A Dukascopy webinar is hosted on its own platform – Dukascopy TV. This application may ask you to download flash or other components. Also, Dukascopy TV may be unreachable via mobile devices.

The webinars are provided by top forex brokers. Please consider open a live trading account with the broker that gave you one of the best forex education. Trading knowledge is vital, hence appreciate the efforts of the brokers. Good luck in trading forex and enjoy your Dukascopy webinar!

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