Difference between FX and Casino Bonuses

Difference between FX and Casino BonusesHave you ever thought that Forex trading and casinos have a lot in common? You will be surprised how many similar features they actually share. One of the crucial parts that both of these industries have adopted are bonuses. And, as in , well-known casinos try to get more clients by offering useful and reliable bonuses. Interested in how casino bonuses differ from FX ones? Let’s find out now!

How do casino bonuses differ from Forex deals?

Here, at Forex Bonus Lab we usually provide you with the most recent and deals that can be trusted. Typical Forex offers include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and rebates. At least of such bonus types is present in the range of offers of every reliable Forex broker, but sometimes even brokers that one day had good reputation create terms and conditions that their deals are far from fair. Our team is trying to spot these deals and honestly tells you not to take go for them.

Casinos also try to grab your attention by offers different freebies. Normal casinos prefer to give you some deposit bonus or welcoming package. While bitcoin casinos are trying to welcome you via big promotional offers that can include deposit and no deposit bonuses as well as additional spins afterwards.

As you can see, digital money casinos offer wider choice of bonus offers, furthermore, when going for gambling with a normal casino, you are risking to worsen your credit history, since your bank account will be involved into transaction with gambling website. Such transactions can cause such problems as cancellation of some payments and additional gambling taxes imposed on you.

But, when you decide to go for a digital casino, you are not risking to expose your credit history. Crypto casinos as well as their bitcoin gambling bonuses allow you to deposit via currencies that are not controlled by the government, so cannot be traced back to you.

Bitcoin casino bonuses

As we have already mentioned, going for bonuses at a regular casino is not recommended simply because it can get you into troubles. But, if you are tired from FX trading and just want to spend some time gambling instead of looking at a 5-minute chart on EUR/USD, . Remember, cryptocurrencies are anonymous, so nobody except of you will know what you have been playing a roulette.

Digital casino bonuses are pretty diversified, this way you will definitely be able to find something that will suits you. One of the most common freebies is a jackpot which is usually given to a millionth client or for winning spin. Other common types of bitcoin bonuses include digital money deposit bonuses as well as free spins. Bitcoin deposit bonuses will provide you with additional digital gambling money while free spins will give you a chance of winning a jackpot without any deposit.

From our point of view, if you want to relax and take your mind away from trading, without risk of losing your credit history, bitcoin casinos can be perfect for you. You just have to decide, do you bet on roulette or do you prefer spinners.