cTrader Review

cTrader reviewcTrader is one of the freshest platforms on the market. This is quite a successful platform designed for institutional trading. Detailed cTrader review has shown that this platform is designed with a great mind. cTrader has outstanding charting capabilities, a number of graphical objects and lightning fast order execution. While cTrader doesn’t support MQL EAs, it accepts c# code. There are more and more brokers offering cTrader now, so check out this cTrader platform review to find out more about the platform.

cTrader Review at a Glance

The cTrader platform is gaining recognition and it is a serious contender for surpassing MetaTrader. The platform can be used both by brokers and retail traders. The platform caters to a wide range of traders, from beginners to advanced users, while offering them full STP access. It is possible to trade directly with global banks, so that the traders are no longer subjected to market makers and dealing desks. All the trading that is realized has an increased level of transparency in a dynamic environment.

cTrader Video Review

Being one of main competitors of MetatTrader 4, cTrader has some core differences from it. The interface looks somehow different but this does not mean that it is worse, it is not.

Also, cTrader offers you not just desktop platform but also comfortable platforms for mobile devices. So either you have Android of iOS device, you can always trade on the go.

cTrader Platform Features Review

The first thing that is noticed when looking at this platform is that it has a modern design. It is even easier to use than MetaTrader and that is an accomplishment by itself. Anyone who has used a trading platform in the past should feel right at home with it. Keep on reading this cTrader platform review to find out more!

Order execution times are one of the highlight of this platform, because those orders are filled in fractions of a second. There is also support for simultaneous order processing, so if a trader enters multiple trades at once he does not have to wait, because there is no queue. The full ranges of prices that are shown comcTrader platform review market depthe directly from capital providers. Filling the orders is done with Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP).

There are a lot of depth of market features built into this platform. It features three types of Depth of Market information. The first is standard depth of market that shows aggregated quotes from the capital providers. The second is the price depth of market that is a ladder system that helps traders see the optimum entry point in the market. The third is the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) that allows traders to set different trading volumes and is a useful feature for users that transact large volumes. This is quite a useful feature from the cTrader review.

Orders can be entered directly from the chart itself, not being necessary for traders to switch screens as it is the case with more cumbersome interfaces. From the charts screen a wide range of actions can be taken: opening and closing orders, setting stop losses and entering limit orders. The profit and loss in pips and base currency is also displayed within the charts. There are a lot of order types available: market order, stop orders, limit orders, but also some types of orders that are not commonly encountered, such as market range orders.

cTrader Charting Review

The charting space is big and allows for easy visualization of the technical indicators and the various charting tools. The charts are customizable and multiple presentation modes, layouts and templates are available. There is a total of 26 timeframes available, suitable to the requirements of every trader, even if they trade on the short term or on the long term. There are also 6 zoom levels that can show the price evolution in detail or an overview of it. The charts are detachable and be maximized and re-sized. This generally makes this cTrader platform review to stand out from any other web trading alternative.

There is an extensive library of indicators, but traders can construct their own indicators with the C# programming language. The cTrader platform supports both C# and .NET framework making it possible to create indicators and trading robots that are similar to the Expert Advisors in MetaTrader. It can be argued that the flexibility of the programming language is not up to par with that of MetaTrader, but it has the advantage of using the C# language and there are a lot of programmers that are familiar with this language, making it more accessible than MQL 4 and MQL 5. There is also the possibility to take pictures of charts and to share ideas with other traders by using the facility ChartShots.

cTrader charting review

All the required tools are offered for technical analysis, such as trend indicators, volatility measures and oscillators that can be accessed directly from the chart. There is also the possibility to download indicators or to combine them in order to obtain a better and more comprehensive one. This makes cTrader review stand out from others.

There is also the possibility of trading with multiple accounts and using the Account Bar permits to easily switch between them. Another important feature of the interface is the feedback button that allows users to offer suggestions or to talk about the difficulties they have encountered. Updating is also realized automatically and takes little time. A lot of localization effort has been put into cTrader, with it being available in 14 languages. While not a big advantage, this sure adds an extra point to this cTrader platform review.

The platform is also available for mobile and tablet devices, meaning that there are versions for the Android and iOS devices. These mobile versions include much of the functionality of the Desktop version making them a viable alternative. The Proxy connection settings can bypass firewalls that are known to disrupt platform connectivity and other services.

There are a number of brokers that offer this platform to their customers, including FxPro and Pepperstone. Even if this number is not large it has every chance to increase, because the
platform is gaining in recognition.

There is support offered for algorithmic trading, with a specialized platform developed specifically for this purpose, cAlgo. This platform is not standalone, it is integrated with cTrader, so that they both work together seamlessly in order to provide effective trading. Chart templates and accounts are shared between these platforms and both are easy to switch between.

cTrader July 2015 Updates

Spotware continuously releases the updates in its suit of software, however the current update is worth mentioning separately. There are a few items released this June that would make this platform as useful as never before, let’s check every each of them below.

Switching from MT4 to cTrader

ctrader in lotsOnce a person begun to trade FX, the changes that he will start on MT4 are rather high. This is why it was hard for many to get used to the volume calculated in currency units.

However, this is no longer an issue as you can easily implement Lots in cTrader’s volume. This can be enabled from the Asset’s settings. Forex Bonus Lab would still recommend you to use the volume in the currency units, as volume in Lots is just an invention of MetaQuotes that has no practical use in the real Forex trading. Yet such a feature certainly makes switching from MT4 to cTrader easier.

One account to rule them all

ctrader cloud accountsForget the times when you had to store password of every Live and Demo account. cTrader makes multi-account management easy, as all of your passwords will be stored in the cloud. Once you have logged in to the platform with your cTrader ID, you will be granted with an instant access to your trading accounts.

Next to this, once you have signed into your cTrader ID, all of the Spotware products will be available to you. No need to sign into cTrader and cAlgo separately.

Truly full customisation

cctraader colorsTrader has became even more flexible in terms of the design. First of all, you no longer need to choose amongst the predefined colours, there is now a colour picker available. This way you can pick up any colour from the palette or simply indicate the HEX of the desired colour. Although this feature may not be very useful for the traders, it is quite handy for the analysts that have their own blogs and would like to keep their brand colours.

In addition to the colours, cTrader lets you place a custom image on your chart background. This is also quite a handy feature for the bloggers, analysts and forum participants. In other wards, cTrader let’s you place a certain watermark on your charts.

New useful functions

ctrader pending orderEven though this updates touches mostly upon customisation and ease of access, there are still some updates that make cTrader even more handy. Now there are 3 states symbols in the market watch – a new one is when the symbol is expanded but the DoM is hidden.

Also, trading with cTrader has become even quicker. Now, you are able to easily drag-and-drop your pending orders from QuickTrade Buttons. This works rather simple, set the volume of your trade, pick up a proper marker (depending on the direction of the trade) and drop it over the chart to create a pending order.

This July cTrader excels in the customisation, ease of access and also let’s you place your favourite orders in the new way!

cTrader Review Conclusion

The cTrader review shows that the platform is the first one to challenge MetaTrader for the market leader position. That is because of the great interface that makes it easy to utilize the platform to its fullest extent without requiring extensive time to study it initially. The depth of market features are also impressive and will be positively appreciated by many traders. There is also support for algorithmic trading because of the platform cAlgo included in this version. Robots and custom indicators can be created using a programming language that is known to a large segment of users. All of these arguments sum up to confirm that this platform is one of the best available on the market. As you have read now this cTrader platform review, it is a time to choose a cTrader broker!

Best cTrader Broker

Like this cTrader review? There are not so many brokers offering cTrader when compared to MetaTrader 4, yet you can find over 10 cTrader brokers. Forex Bonus Lab believes that FxPro is the best forex broker, this is why it is the only available option.

There are no cTrader brokers that we would recommend you at the moment. We will update you as soon as we will find one!

FxPro cTrader Broker

Curious about FxPro at the cTrader review? This is one of the best forex brokers on the market, it has a history of over 10 years, great range of products and amazing trading conditions. Continue reading our FxPro review to find out more!

How to Open a cTrader Demo Account?

So you seem to be interested in Forex Bonus Lab cTrader review and now interested in trying it out on a cTrader Demo Account. This is a great first step to start moving from good and ol’ MetaTrader 4 to a new and shiny cTrader. To make your life easier, Forex Bonus Lab will give you a quick guide on setting up your cTrader Demo Account as a part of this cTrader platform review.

cTrader Demo Account Guide

So, let’s get you hooked up with a nice cTrader Demo Account. This review will focus on 2 methods, first one is ultra-fast but hard to follow up if you want to start trading on a cTrader live account. Second method is a bit more time consuming, but it lets you start trading real money on a cTrader trading platform whenever you feel you are read.

Fast cTrader Demo Account

Click on this link and you will see the following screen

Fill out your contact details, but this shouldn’t even be correct. There is no email verification.

Guess what? That’s it, you are having your own cTrader account with FxPro.

This is a quick way to get a cTrader Demo Account, yet Forex Bonus Lab wouldn’t advise doing it.

A proper way to get a cTrader Demo Account

Click here Open A Demo Account with FxPro

Fill out a form, it is going to be a longer one, but once you have done it, you will be entitled to a better cTrader Demo Account Management and lots of useful features from FxPro. In addition to this, you can always get support for your cTrader Demo Account.

Now you can easily try cTrader paper money trading. Forex Bonus Lab hopes you liked this cTrader review.

We do not recommend opening account with FxPro. We are currently searching for the best cTrader broker, in the meantime you can sign up with Start with Plus500!