cTrader Brokers

ctrader brokers forexMost of traders strive to try platforms that offer increased functionality. Also, we want to get as good and as fast charting as we possibly can. But, most of the forex brokers do not offer trading applications except of MT4. However, in the recent years there has been an increase in the amount of cTrader brokers in the FX retail market.

Struggling to find a decent cTrader broker? Forex Bonus Lab has done all the search for you! We inspected every detail of the deals that cTrader Forex brokers are offering and found the best one for you. So, from now on you do not have to make a research in order to find the best one! This page contains the best cTrader fx brokers in the retail Forex industry.

Top cTrader Brokers Showcase

Every quarter Forex Bonus Lab searches for new brokers that offer cTrader and also reviews the deals from the existing Forex brokers that this platform. We do not stop at the comparison of the cTrader deals. We go further and take into account the quality of services that brokers with cTrader will bring to you. Furthermore, we will not show you any brokers whose reliability is questionable, since we value your deposit and do not want you to be trading with a scam cTrader broker.

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Best cTrader Forex Brokers Comparison

We have spent lots of time searching for other decent cTrader Forex brokers, but Forex Bonus Lab did not manage to find any broker that is at least close to FxPro in its cTrader trading conditions. Also, some of the other brokers offering cTrader are unregulated, so we will not mention them since we do not want you to get into difficulties. As soon as there would be more good cTrader fx brokers we will bring you their detailed reviews and services comparison. Before it becomes reality, FxPro will be our choice number one for cTrader top brokers!

cTrader Forex Brokers vs MetaTrader Brokers

best ctrader account forexMost of Forex Brokers will not supply you with the cTrader trading platform. For some reason Brokers prefer MetaTrader 4 and they believe that it is enough for the traders. However, as MetaTrader 4 is not available as a web app, brokers may often try to make choose their web trading solutions. Usually these platforms have quite a limited functionality.

If your broker offers you a free cTrader account, you definitely have to check it out. The order execution speed of cTrader is a few times higher than MT4. This is one of the superb features of cTrader. Also, cTrader finds best proxy connection on its own, so you can be sure that your cTrader chart will be more accurate and will be refreshing faster.

Next to this, there are much more charting options in the cTrader platform. While creating cTrader review, Forex Bonus Lab has spent the whole day playing with cTrader charts.

cTrader Automated Trading – cAlgo

When it comes to automated trading, cAlgo allows you much more possibilities in modification and creation of your own trading algorithms. If you spend enough time polishing them, they will easily make most of trades without your involvement! Providing you with such opportunities, cTrader fx brokers are definitely one step ahead of the others in terms of technology!

cTrader Level II Pricing

Furthermore, brokers without cTrader accounts will never give you an opportunity to use Level II pricing. A real Level II pricing, not just a random price generator. Such true pricing is available only on cTrader platform, so if your brokers tells you that you can get Level II pricing on MT4 and you do not need cTrader for this, you should consider changing your broker.

cTrader fx Brokers Mobile Apps

Also, cTrader has its own mobile platform for both, iOS and Android. In case you start trading with a cTrader broker, you can be sure that you will also have mobile trading possibilities available at your fingertips.