cTrader – Best FX Platform 2015

cTrader Awarded best fx platform 2015FX retail industry has been strongly dominated by MetaQuotes for over a decade, yet the year 2015 is certainly a game changer. With over 80 connected brokers by the month of June 2015, Spotware is here to change the whole philosophy behind trading Forex. Today we are happy to announce that cTrader by Spotware is acknowledged as the Best FX Platform 2015 by Forex Bonus Lab’s community.

Why cTrader?

There are many reasons why traders would actually prefer cTrader to MT4, MT5 or any other platform in the armoury of FX brokers, however, our readers have summarised the following reasons to be the most crucial ones:

cTrader WebTrader

It is actually horrifying that the market-leader in Retail FX, MT4, comes without a proper Web App. This is certainly the biggest disadvantage of the MetaQuotes platform, and it is definitely a field where cTrader excels. Not only cTrader comes as a native Web App, but it is also supplied in such a powerful way that the WebTrader is simply identical to the desktop app. This is also quite a big advantage for the traders on using OSX.

cTrader UI & UX

This is another strong point of cTrader. While there are some modern-looking trading platforms, like Tradable, they tend to be not so advanced, stable and powerful. These factors certainly make these platforms to be left behind in the competition for the Best FX Platform 2015 award. Unlike such platforms, MetaTrader 4 is powerful and stable, but it looks straight from 90’s, which makes it hard to be appreciated by the newcomers to trading. Hence, Forex Bonus Lab community loves cTrader for its slick design and wide scope of features.

cTrader Updates

Development is the main driver of progress. cTrader is a platform that presents you with something new quite often. If you compare cTrader today to what it used to be just a few years ago, you will definitely see quite some improvement – this is what our traders adore!

Exclusive Interview

ctrader james glydeForex Bonus Lab has reached out to Spotware in order to request more information on cTader’s current issues and upcoming events. Below you read through an interview with James Glyde, Business Development Manager at Spotware Systems.

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Enjoy reading!

Forex Bonus Lab: Hello James, we are certainly happy to award cTrader as the best trading platform 2015. Our readers absolutely love what Spotware has accomplished so far, however it would be nice to actually find out how you guys started.

James Glyde: Hey there, cTrader development has started as there was quite a big gap in the retail FX industry. That the market simply didn’t have a platform that could be beneficial for both the traders and the brokers. Next to this, most of the available platforms didn’t show any significant focus on User Interface and Transparency.

Forex Bonus Lab: Could you tell a bit more how Spotware looks from the inside?

James Glyde: We are based in Cyprus, in fact, we only employ people here. Currently Spotware is composed with over 80 staff members, out of which nearly 60 are developers. The rest are mostly dealing with operations. There is little need for an army of sales personnel, our advisers guide interested brokers through the on-boarding process. Simply because the platform sells its self.

Forex Bonus Lab: That’s true, cTrader has been around for quite a few years and it is possible to see more and more brokers adopting the platform. How happy are you with how the widespread the platform is?

James Glyde: We are certainly happy. Currently Spotware introduces cTrader platform to a few new clients on a monthly basis. Still, the development of the platform and the improvements for our existing clients remain our main priority.

Forex Bonus Lab: What would you say about the geography of cTrader, what are the most popular regions for cTrader brokers?

James Glyde: It is had to say as the platform is available in almost every region. We start with our first client – FxPro, but now we make cTrader available for the brokers in Europe, Australia and even Japan.

Forex Bonus Lab: Last years have shown more emphasis being placed on the social trading. Where cTrader stands in this field?

James Glyde: In February 2015 we have launched cMirror, a copy trading platform that allows every person that uses cTrader to share his signals or copy positions from someone else. It is an amazing service, as there is absolutely no brokers’ restrictions, traders can copy the signals no matter what broker they are using. Also, cMirror copy trading is quite stable, as it has been tested for over a year at the production environment by actual traders with regular demo accounts.

Forex Bonus Lab: Sounds great. What will we see coming out from Spotware later in 2015 except of cMirror?

James Glyde: We are releasing a regular updates to our trading platform, so definitely this will continue, however, we are not stopping there. It is possible to see more and more stress being placed on the mobile trading and this is something where cTrader is about to excel. This year we will do a complete overhaul of our mobile apps and make them at a par level to cTrader Web. In addition to this, sites like ForexBonusLab will be able to benefit from a new solution for Introducing Brokers – a transparent referral system with real time payouts.

Forex Bonus Lab: Wow, these are definitely some exciting news. What’s your view on the competition, when do you expect to overtake MetaQuotes?

James Glyde: MQ have been on the market for quite some time, so it is not an easy task. When it comes to retail FX, many brokers still prefer MetaTrader 4 as it supports certain level of intervention. Unlike MT4, cTrader is a fully transparent platform, hence we do not expect to overtake MetaQuotes by the number of clients anytime soon. Nevertheless, when it comes to trading volumes, it is possible to become a #1 FX Platform quite soon.

Forex Bonus Lab: Sounds exciting. How about FX industry in general? The year of 2014 showed one of the lowest trading volumes, would you say that FX is declining?

James Glyde: When it comes to cTrader, we can certainly say that Foreign Exchange industry is growing for us. Not only we onboard more clients, but we also see an increase in our clients’ volume. These volumes have been growing last year and are growing this year too.

Forex Bonus Lab: Well, that seems to be it. What would you like to say especially for the readers of Forex Bonus Lab?

James Glyde: We are happy for the appreciation of our work and we will certainly do everything it takes to improve the platform even further!


cTrader Broker Suggestion

As Forex Bonus Lab recommends you to trade on cTrader due to its fast speed of execution, wide scope of features, extensive amount of indicators & trading tools, it is time for you to pick up a right cTrader broker. You may preview cTrader broker listing.

You can also find out more about cTrader in its review!

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