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There is a lot of forex education materials out there and it is not easy to sort out the garbage. As markets change, so does the look on the trading. While reading books is a great source of basic knowledge, it is hard to obtain relevant skill by simply reading the books. This is why we present you with city index webinar offers.

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  Eligibility: Everyone

 Difficulty: Easy / Medium

   Recordings: Available

City Index Webinars Description

In 2015 City Index lets you improve your skills by accessing the webinars. In particular, the 6 series on becoming a better trader by James Chen from City Index.

The main disadvantage of the webinars is that they take place live. Because of this you do have to be online when the webinar starts. You need to understand that presence on the live webinars also pays back a lot. You get a chance to ask the questions and get instant responses.

If you are still unable to visit City Index webinars – get advantage by simply watching recorded webinars. This way you can learn the materials from the live webinars anywhere, anytime. City Index webinars are ok, yet Forex Bonus Lab is sure that you can benefit more from other educational offers, try visiting Dukascopy webinars to learn trading better.

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The quality of the webinars is ok, you will definitely appreciate them if you are a beginner. Looking for more advanced information? Check out our forex education category.

Forex Bonus Lab would advice you to better participate in Dukascopy webinars, as they are a bit more useful. Click here to choose Dukascopy webinars instead of City Index Webinars.

Still interested in City Index Webinars?

You can try visiting one or a few webinars by City Index to see if they are right for you. Forex Bonus Lab would advice you to actually watch the recording first and save your time. If you still want to try out City Index webinars – click below.

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Learning to trade is vital. This is why such webinars should be appreciated. Usually the webinars are open for everyone, so you are not obliged to deposit with a broker.

Forex Bonus Lab suggests you to open an account with a broker that taught you, as a sign of appreciation. City Index Webinar is a great to to boost your forex knowledge, and if you them useful too – keep in mind to open an account. Learn more about what is a webinar by clicking here.

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