AlfaTrade Premium Account

AlfaTrade ensures that its clients have the best trading opportunities in the Forex market with its AlfaTrade Account deals. That is why it presents you with a Premium Account type that makes your trading even better than ever before. Find out more about this account at Forex Bonus Lab’s review of AlftaTrade Premium Account.

AlfaTrade premium Account
   Minimum Deposit:
$2,000          Account Currencies: 4

   Min. Volume: 0.1 Lots               Trading Technology: ECN

   Spreads: from 2.3 pips               Platforms: All

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AlfaTrade Premium Account Description

Forex is a place where both, professional and amateur traders meet. As you know, professional traders require more from their brokers. Their scope of desired features often includes faster trading execution and better pricing.

AlfaTrade Premium Account gives you the ability to get all the features that professional traders want. It is just great, you do not need any additional software, everything that you may need is already in AlfaTrade Premium Account! You just open your preferred trading platform and enjoy all new additional features that you have got. In other words, AlftaTrade offers you one trading account to use across multiple platforms!

AlftaTrade Premium Account Min. Deposit

In order to get AlfaTrade Premium Account you should deposit between 2,000 USD and 10,000 USD to unlock trading. In case you want an account in other currencies – no problem, you still will be able to get this premium account and enjoy trading at it.

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AlftaTrade Premium Account Spreads

What is even better with AlfaTrade Premium Account – you will get reduced spread. Yes, your spread will be reduced from 3 pips to 2.3 pips! Really, this will make your trades 25% percent cheaper, how good is that? There is no commission on this account, hence the pricing is rather adequate.

We do believe that if you decided to trade Forex on a pro level, it would be great for you to have more than just a standard account, especially if you are looking into becoming a scalper! So if you are ready to deposit 2,000 USD – get yourself an AlfaTrade Premium Account and enjoy enhanced Forex Trading conditions!

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In case you want to know more about AlfaTrade – go on, and read our AlfaTrade review! Remember, that if you deposit more than 10,000 USD with AlfaTrade, you will be able to get even more competitive Alfatrade trading account – a Pro Account!