AlfaTrade Guardian Angel

Have you ever dreamt in your Forex Trading career about having a personal angel who will help you in avoid losses? The new exciting deal from AlfaTrade will offer you exactly that. Just imagine how good it will be to have your own AlfaTrade Guardian Angel!

AlfaTrade Guardian Angel
  Eligibility: Everyone

 Importance: High

   Availability: 24/7

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AlfaTrade Guardian Angel Description

This exciting piece of trading software is available for every single live account holder with AlfaTrade. So even if you have already registered at this Forex broker you are still able to get your own Guardian Angel from AlfaTrade.

The Angel monitors your trades and gives you feedback right away. What is even better, AlfaTrade Guardian Angel will bring you trading advices that are based on your stats. And this means that all advices you receive will be fully tailored to your trading style. How great is that? So, there is no reason to change your trading style, the Angel will adjust it, so you can get higher profits!

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The next great thing about AlfaTrade Guardian Angel is its’ integration! This software can be integrated into your Webtrader platform or our favourite Meta Trader 4! Imagine, you just opened your terminal and are trading as usual, while an Angel tells you what you do right and what you do wrong! This is just awesome! Of course, this Angel will not work on Copy Trader, but still, his advices can be useful for social trading too. This powerful software analyses the patterns in your trading and lets you improve by advising on the aspects unseen to you.

In order to receive this superb software you just have to open account at AlafaTrade and deposit at least 500 USD. The great thing is – this 500 USD may certainly bring you more with AlfaTrade powerful software – Guardian Angel! This broker certainly makes Forex trading safer, more educative and in-depth with its superior tool for market and strategies analysis – AlfaTrade Guardian Angel.

So do not miss your chance and get your Guardian Angel AlfaTrade now!

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