ADS Securities Bonus

Want to start trading with ADS Securities? Well, we can advise you right away to pick up one of the Best Forex Brokers. But if you are certain with your choice, read full ADS SEcurities Bonus Review and maybe you will change your mind.

ads bonus
Size of Bonus:
 N/A           Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4

Expiration: N/A                   Min. Volume: N/A

Leverage: 1:500                      Required Action: N/A

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ADS Securities Bonus on Deposit

What is required to get a bonus from this Forex broker? Well, ADS requires you to transfer your account from another broker to them in order to get additional money. So, basically, you will have to stop trading with the broker that you choose, and give ADS Securities confirmation of this. And you have to open an account at them. But, it is not everything, you will have to deposit 500 USD in order to get ADS Bonus.

Actually, the maximum size of the bonus is equal to $100. But do not forget that this is maximum size, so what will you really get? Nobody knows!

More to that, you will have to trade 5 lots before you will be able to withdraw anything. Not really cool, if you ask us.

ADS Securities Bonus Best Alternatives

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If you need more than 25%, you can take 50% from So, basically the floor is yours, you can “switch to ADS” or take one of two good deals and trade safely!

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