XTrade No Deposit Bonus

Are you thirsty for the new free Forex bonus? We have got a deal that might take your attention! Moreover, we suppose that you would be totally satisfied with its conditions and will trade everything out of this bonus, just because it is so good. So, are you ready? Read full XTrade No Deposit Bonus review here and claim this bonus now!

XTrade No Deposit Bonus
Size of Bonus:
 $20      Trading Platform: XTrade

Expiration: Yes               Min. Volume: 300 Points

Leverage: 1:400                Required Action: SMS Verification

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XTrade No Deposit Bonus 20 USD Description

So, what does XTrade Bonus give to you? It will give you free 20 USD that you can spend on trading and profit from! More to that, it does not require any extraordinary actions, so it is super easy to get!

All what you have to do, is just create an account at this broker and give him your real phone number! Afterwards, they will send you an SMS with code and the moment you type this code into your verification form, you will get free 20 bucks! Isn’t it cool?

From what we have found out, this bonus is available not just for the new clients! So, if you already have an account at XTrade Forex Broker but still did not verify your phone details, do it now! And you will still get free cash!

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XTrade Bonus Conditions

First of all, there is a time limitation imposed on this bonus. From the moment you get it, you will have 30 days to either redeem it, or stay only with profits that you have made. Yes, your profits will be fully yours even if you will not meet trading volume conditions of this bonus.

In order to clear this bonus, you will have to make a trading volume of 300 XTrade Points in the first 30 days after you have received this bonus. The moment you make specified amount of points – the bonus will be fully yours!

From our point of view, if you are a good trader, meeting such trading requirements will not be really difficult. Especially if you will trade with instruments that have high XTrade points value. For example, EUR/USD as well as all other major currency pairs will give you only one point. But, if you decide to trade Bitcoins, you will receive 53 points right away, so trade Bitcoins 6 times in 30 days and the bonus will become your cash together with profits that you receive!

So, what are you waiting for? There is nothing bad in trying such deal, especially since you do not have to invest any real money into trading. If Forex or CFDs are your passion – claim this bonus now!

Get Free Bonus From XTrade

Furthermore, the fact that this bonus is available to every trader is awesome as well. It means that if you already have an account with low balance, you just give to the broker your mobile phone number and XTrade No Deposit Bonus boosts your account by 20 USD! We suppose it is just great!

  • JayJay

    Don`t ever bother to register with them for no deposit bonus. Yes, you will get 20usd no deposit bonus, but minimum position to open is something like 0.10 lot. So, you will recieve 20usd, but you can`t do nothing with this money, becouse it`s to small amount to open position. And yes, the platform have something like 6 indicators and sux.

    • Hey there JayJay.
      You are certainly right, we just reached out to XTrade and they confirmed that the min lot size is 0.1. That’s pretty bad. Thanks for reporting, we will be redoing our review and advising against this no deposit bonus shortly.

    • Hey there JayJay,

      Is there any other bonus you’d recommend us reviewing?

  • David Smith

    I think it’s scam too, friend of mine tried it for a while and at the end he gave up precisely because of that minimum position, it’s really not the one you should go for, there are much better offers out there

  • Akihiko Sato

    i never go for the free no deposit bonus – not worth it. if you are a real trader you dont care about this. ‘you pay pinuts you get monkeys , they say.. ‘