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Do you want to try real account from without any deposits? Or maybe you just want to see how is order execution time on their Sirix Web Trader? This promo used to bring you free cash for trading, but it is no longer recommended!

Size of Bonus:
 $25        Trading Platform: Sirix WebTrader

Expiration: 24 Months      Min. Volume: 3 Lots

Leverage: 1:200                   Required Action: Phone

Go for a trusted deal. Take Demo Account from Z.Com! No Deposit Bonus 25 USD

Ready to try new broker or just curious about how social trading system is working? You can try everything using 25 USD No Deposit Bonus from Feel free to trade as you want with them!

Yes, there are no limits on what you do with your money, so either trade on your own using Sirix or just become money manager and use trading skills of others. Either way is great for increase of your account balance! Or not…there are better deals from trusted brokers. No Deposit Bonus Restrictions

Greatest disappointment of this promotion is its unavailability for existing customers. If you do have an account at we advise you not to try to get this promotion, since you get your account banned. Alternatively, Forex Bonus Lab advises you to find another awesome deal from our No Deposit Bonuses.

How to Get No Deposit Bonus?

There is nothing difficult in getting  this free bonus. You should follow link in the top or button at the bottom of this post and make registration there. The process is simplified and takes just a minute!

While you make an account, you will be required to confirm your mobile phone number! If you give your correct number to you should not have any problems and instantly receive 25 USD.

It is ridiculously easy so why not to try? No Deposit Bonus Features

Getting 25 USD to your new account is not everything that you get from No Deposit Bonus! This promo also brings you some other sweet features. You will also get free high quality Forex education from this promo! If you have never traded before, than you will find eBook from this promo to be very useful.

If you have already learned the basics, you can enjoy free webinars from broker’s specialists. Furthermore, you will get a personal training which should give super boost to your trading skills!

Our opinion on No Deposit Bonus

We, Forex Bonus Lab, love bonuses that give you more than you can expect and this one is definitely one of them! You think that you get only 25 USD but it is not true. Believe, personal training from good Forex specialist costs more and is able to bring you more good than small money bonus. You will get your skills boosted and will break the grounds of Forex trading.

Also, it is great that you can use this 25 USD to try social trading. So why not?

This bonus was great before but today we strongly advice against We do not advise you to take any deals from this broker, since it is unreliable. Why? Read at our review.

Get Demo Account from Z.Com

If feel insecure about terms of this deal or broker, we advise you to read our review. This review will definitely help you to make your own mind about this Forex broker!

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  • Zenya Popov

    After depleting my 40 USDs from XTB I would definitely go for this one!

    • Michael Linn

      I had it. For 4 days 😀

  • Douglas Anderson

    I wouldn’t go for this one, had a bad experience lots of problems with my account and the money I made with it, and the customer service was impossible to contact so I agree with this post and wouldn’t recommend this one