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Searching for a broker that will help you gain the most from your first deposit? Looking to get a little bit of extra funds from your deposit into FX market? Either way, we have found the first deposit bonus that will fit your needs. So, be ready,  it is time to learn more about Bonus! Go on and read all the details in our Bonus review.

  Minimum Deposit:
$100         Maximum Bonus: $2,000

   Bonus Period: until 31.12        Eligibility: New

  Spreads: from 0 pips                 Restricted Countries: N/A

Looking for first deposit bonus?Find reliable deal in our Forex Deposit Bonus category Deposit Bonus Description

Being in the top-10 of our Forex brokers comparison chart, you can be certain that deposit bonus certainly has a value and will not be some kind of a fraud or a joke. This broker will boost your account balance with some additional cash that amounts to as high as 2000 USD. Bonus Eligibility

As we told before, deposit bonus is available for the first-time deposits only. In other words, if you have made deposits to this broker before, you should look for another deal, because this one is no longer available to you. However, if it is the first time you are going to trade with this broker, then there are much better deals than Deposit Bonus. Find just a perfect fit for you to get started with FX at our deposit bonus category. Deposit Bonus Size

In most of the cases, the bonus increases your account balance by additional 50% from your deposit amount. But this is not the only criteria that decides the full bonus amount that you will get. There is also account type separation of Deposit Bonus.

If you create mini account that requires a deposit level between 100 USD and 2,499 USD, the maximum bonus that you will be able to receive is 250 USD. This means that any deposit higher than 500 USD will give you only 250 USD extra, while deposits between $100 and $500 will have 50% added to them.

In case you decide to open a standard account, your maximum bonus will increase to 2,000 USD. So anything between 2,500 USD and 4,000 USD will come with 50% extra by the conditions of Deposit Bonus, while everything above 4k will get you 2,ooo USD. Forex Deposit Bonus Conclusion

Putting everything together, the deposit bonus is an okay deal, but since this broker is claimed to be a scam, we do not advise you to take it. especially since most of the reliable brokers do not offer high additions to your account. But you have to bear in mind the amounts that you are going to deposit as well as account types. But if you can do it, there is certainly enough reasons to claim this bonus.

If you feel that you do not have enough skills to trade profitably and are afraid of making deposit due to this, you can find good No Deposit Deal and start trading there!

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