London Capital Group Review


Are you looking for a honest FX broker and want to start trading with the one that is based in the United Kingdom? Today we present you one of the London-based Forex brokers. It is not the new player to the market, but rather the broker with long history. Feeling like it can be your trading choice? Go through our detailed London Capital Group review and see if it is the perfect fit for you!
lcg review
Leverage: 1:300                Licences: FCA

Min. Deposit: 0 GBP          Bonus: N/A

Spreads: from 0.6 pips       US Clients: No

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London Capital Group Broker at a Glance

This Forex broker is owned by the London Capital Group Holdings Plc (LCGH Plc) that was founded in 1996. As it has been already told, it is based in London, United Kingdom. It has been found out by the LCG Review that this broker started to offer capital spreads in 2003. Also, it holds FCA license number 182110, which can be checked on the Financial Conduct Authority website.

London Capital Group Review

Furthermore, London Capital Group review found out that this Forex broker was recently financed by the Charles-Henri Sabet led GLIO Holding for 17.5 million British Pounds. This investment forced rebranding process of the LCG and opened new possibilities for this broker, so now it is changing its’ focus into providing traders with premium type of services only. Additionally, the owner of this Forex broker is listed on London Stock Exchange, which shows that it is definitely not one of the scam brokers but rather well-developed company with quality services.

London Capital Group Trading Accounts

Account choice remains one of the most important feature of the best Forex brokers. This is why Forex Bonus Lab digs deep into the details of the account offers, so you can be sure which services will the broker offer to you. Having its focus on the best quality services, London Capital Group offers two different account types to its clients. They are:

  • Spread Betting Account
    This is the basic account type offered by the LCG Forex broker. With this account you will be offered the choice of two desktop platforms as well as mobile trading solution. Additionally, you will be allowed to make spread betting on more than 4,000 instruments and receive market analysis from the LCG analysts team. The best part of this account is that it does not have minimum deposit amount, so even if you decide to start with small trading amount – you will be provided with this type of account.
    LCG Spread Betting Account
  • CFD Trading Account
    This account is positioned as premium account offered by London Capital Group. In order to be granted with it, you will be required to deposit at least 25,000 GBP. It will allow you to tighten spreads, get analyses and news from LCG team. Furthermore, you will receive market insights from the London Capital Group.
    london capital group CFD Trading Account

If you you are ready to get a trading account at LCG, London Capital Group review encourages you to sign up with this broker!

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LCG Reviews of Trading Platforms

As it has been mentioned before, this Forex broker offers you two desktop trading platforms. At London Capital Group you will be provided with standard Forex trading application MetaTrader 4. Additionally, if you do not want to download and install any applications, you will be provided with LCG Trader web-based platform.

LCG Reviews of Trading Platforms

As for LCG Trader, the platform feels intuitive and comfortable. All instruments are available at few clicks and order execution is easy. Overall, the LCG Trader is fast and some of the Forex newcomers will definitely prefer it over MT4. Additionally, no errors of this platform were spotted during London Capital Group review.

Furthermore, LCG broker is offering LCG trader for Android and iOS for those, who prefer to trade from their mobile devices. If you are one of those traders, you can go to Apple Store or Play Market and download LCG trader for your device now!

London Capital Group Review of Deposits and Withdrawals

Being one of the premium service providers, London Capital Group assures that your deposits can be made only via safe payment options. This is why you will be able to transfer money to your trading account via standard wire transfer, Skrill or you credit and debit cards. Be aware that this broker does not allow payments via some international Visa Electron cards and American Express. It has been found out by the LCG review that you can also add your credit card to account without making a deposit. But, in such case, 1 pence will be deducted in order to verify details. The commission for plastic card payments equals 2% of your deposit.

Unfortunately, when you decide to withdraw your profits from the LCG, MasterCard payments will not be an option. If you made a deposit via such card type, your profits will be transferred directly to your bank account. There is a limit of at least 50 GBP on withdrawal, if you are not closing your account. Additionally, you will be charged with 20 GBP per withdrawal for any amount lower than 1,000 GBP.

LCG Reviews of Customer Support

Since this broker is trying to offer only best services, customer support should be one of the strongest points of this broker. If you would like to contact LCG, you will be able to do it via live chat, email or telephone.

Live chat and telephone support are available 24/7 so every problem should be solved quickly and without any  inconsistencies.

More to that, London Capital Group provides address details on their website. So, if you are in London and are not sure if you should open an account at this broker, you can go directly to their office and discuss everything there.

London Capital Group Forex Review Conclusion

As can be seen from London Capital Group review, this Forex broker is one of the solid FX providers that has been in the market for more than 20 years. It provides you with good support and reliable trading platforms. Additionally, it does not have minimum deposit amount, so even if you decide to start trading with 100 GBP, you can choose this broker. For all its positive sides, LCG review gives this broker 4 out of 5 stars!

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London Capital Group Review Overall rating: 1 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.

how can they be FCA regulated?

1 5 1
they are potentially scam companies and you can lose all your money!!

Just dreadful, bordering on criminal

1 5 1
Dont be drawn in by they hype. Horrible horrible people. One minute they cant get enough of you, the next the are so arrogant and rude you wonder if its the same people. Also took for 9 weeks to get my cash back and only then by complaining and going to the regulator.


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LGC is a scam
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  • Xenios Andreou

    I really don’t understand how a broker like it is describe here get so low ranking stars? those guys are regulated FCA and listed in LSE, what else ? is there anything that traders need to know before signing up with it ?

    • Hi Xenios,

      Thank you for commenting. We usually don’t allow broker’s reps to comment, but this one seems fine and not promotional.

      LCG is certainly a regulated brokerage, yet neither FCA license not LSE listing stands for good quality services.

      LCG’s spreads are far from the best, and its level of support is just below anything.

      Speaking of company’s stability, you may actually take a look at LCG’s share price 🙂

      You may also refer to FPA to get more trader’s reviews.

      Also, glassdoor reviews can uncover what employees think of this company.

      All in all, it seems that a decade ago it was a 5/10 brokerage, but after rebranding to LCG they no longer know how to serve the clients.

      • Xenios Andreou

        So basically you are telling me that the ranking is not done by the users but you as an admin ?
        moreover, you are suggesting that a broker listed in LSE is worthless compare to Plus500 that is listed in Alternative Investment Market and lost -15% of their value is better?

        • Hey Xenios,

          Yes, the rating is done by our staff. We are planning to add a user rating until the end of the year.

          Honestly, I suggest you to get some sort of financial education (even a udemy course would do) before you start commenting. This is the last comment we reply to your comment as it seems like you have a very limited idea what you are talking about.

          1) Both LCG and Plus500 are listed on LSE.

          2) Plus500 lost 15%. The question is, what’s the time scale?

          As you see, Plus500 stock price had its up and downs, yet, the price of its stocks is now 5 times higher when compared to the IPO price.

          3) Look at my previous comment, the price of LCG’s stock is 100 times lower today than back in a day.

          4) What is very important for the traders is to be sure their brokerage will not go bankrupt. This is where you have to take a look at the market cap, LCG’s is around 11.65 million. In contrast, Plus500 is valued at around 726 million. See the difference?

          • Xenios Andreou

            About getting knowledge you are right actually, I was counting on FBL to get me some. I am sorry if I upset you with my question.

          • No worries, you didn’t.

          • Xenios Andreou

            I am sorry to insist but why do you keep this broker listed if you rather suggest to trade with Plus500 ?

          • The fact that we list a broker does not mean that we recommend trading with it.

            We’d rather warn traders inside the review than remove the broker from our listing at all.

          • Xenios Andreou

            So you recommend me and other user not to sign up with this broker ?

          • I am pretty sure you won’t sign up anyway as you are an employee of another brokerage 😀 but yes, we recommend Plus500 as a more viable option.

          • Xenios Andreou

            thank you, I hope it will not put you in a breech of your affiliate contract with them then !

          • No worries, we don’t have an affiliate agreement with them.

    • Eric

      Well, they are literally robbing their clients. I’ve been caught myself. The spreads they offer are insane. Please do not follow those lies showing 0,6 pip spread etc. The real spreads are 3-5 pips. In practice, every time you bet 1 lot (100k) they charge you roughly 30-40 pounds! And this happens during highest market liquidity. Before important market announcements and outside busy hours they raise the spread to 40, 60 and in some cases I noticed even 100 pips! If you’re not careful you can easily lose 40% of your deposit just by entering position with those usurious spreads! Also your stop-loss/take profit or buy/sell orders can be executed way to early and you can experience severe loss not because market moved in wrong direction.
      I noticed that there is pure conflict of interest while dealing with this broker. You can open ECN account with them but minimum deposit that you have to maintain in order to trade on ECN basis is 25k. I wouldn’t entrust them with bigger sum of money though after finding out that basically their strategy on standard account is to squeeze you out of money. Yes, they’re regulated (like bookmakers and casinos) which means that they can steal your money with the full sanction of the law.