You have most probably heard about ITRADER by now. Apart from being a Cyprus Investment Firm, it is also a sponsor of one of the most famous football clubs – Manchester City. ITRADER Forex Broker is a brandname of Hoch Capital Ltd, a company that is rather a newcomer to the retail FX sector, yet it has unstained reputation and its offer is quite solid. Interested in finding out more? Keep on reading our ITRADER review!

Leverage: 1:500                    Licences: CySEC

Min.Deposit: 250 USD           Bonus: N/A

Spreads: from 0.7 pips                US Clients: No

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ITRADER Review at a Glance

The most important thing about a Forex brokerage is the trust it evokes. When it comes to ITRADER, it is a company that has managed to sign an agreement with Manchester City club and we have verified this information with the football club, hence it gives us a first impression of a trusted company. Next to this, ITRADER is licensed and regulated by CySEC, a leading regulator of EU Forex brokers. ITRADER is also registered by the FCA in the UK and many leading European regulators.


For the people that ask themselves “Is ITRADER scam?”, we can certainly say that no, it is not. ITRADER is a trusted and a reputable company.

ITRADER Reviews of Assets

Once you are sure that a company is trusted, the next logical step is to take a look at its offer and trading conditions. This is the field where ITRADER broker seems to excel.

Apart from offering currency pairs, this broker makes more markets available for its traders. You can trade choose among such commodities as gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, coffee, soy beans and many others. There are also dozens of European and US Stocks available for trading.

Finally, during this ITRADER review we have found out quite an extensive list of available Indices –  next to such common assets as SP500, FTSE100, MIB40 and NASDAQ100, you can also trade some exotic indices that are not really available with the other brokers: India 50, South Africa 40 and China Enterprise 40.


ITRADER Trading Accounts

With this brokerage you can get access to three types of the trading accounts. Every each of them comes with different spreads. ITRADER does not charge any commissions, hence the spread is the only cost you pay.


Also, accounts differ in terms of the maximum leverage:



ITRADER Broker Platforms

This broker lets you access the world’s most widespread and the most awarded piece of technology – MetaTrader 4. ITRADER was one of the first brokerage that launched MT4 in its web version. In addition, ITRADER is a broker that lets you trade Forex on your Mac in a native way. This is a strongly limited feature as most of the brokers do not offer a native app.

Z.Com Broker Platforms

Finally, there is an extra sweet cherry on top. With ITRADER Forex broker you can get free access to a unique piece of the trading software – Guardian Angel. This tool can only be run on Windows and notifies a trader about possible moves in the market, their directions and volatility.

ITRADER Review of Extra Features

During this ITRADER review we have found out that the trading conditions and the technology is greatly assembled for the experienced traders. However, the educational resources available at website seem to be a great base for those of you that are just starting out.

This broker has a large database of educative articles, MT4 tutorials, VODs, courses and eBooks. By signing up with ITRADER, getting a demo account and putting your hands on the educational activities available with this broker, you can be fully prepared to trade on the world’s largest markets.

ITRADER Customer Support

As ITRADER is a broker that is just starting out, their website is only available in three languages: English, French and Arabic. Also, ITRADER supports Islamic Accounts, hence this broker may be a good fit for the traders from Gulf countries.

One of the most striking differences between ITRADER and other brokers is that ITRADER gives an open access to the complaint form. This way we can understand that this broker is open to receive criticism on its services, while its core task is to design outstanding value for the traders. Unfortunately, there is no live chat option with ITRADER at this point in time. However, ITRADER operators are ready to sort out your doubts via phone and email.

ITRADER Deposits and Withdrawals

The broker does not have a vast amount of trading systems connected, yet it does have a solid choice of the top-up methods. You can use your Visa or Mastercard to top up an account as well as send the funds via a wire transfer. It is, however, expected that more payment systems (especially Internet wallets) will be connected to ITRADER brokerage soon.

In order to take out the funds from ITRADER you will need to send over your ID, proof the residency and a picture of the both sides of your credit card, in case it was used as a deposit method.

ITRADER Review Conclusion

If you are reading this review, you are wondering thinking between two options: “is ITRADER legit?” or “is ITRADER scam?”. We think that this is a no brainer. Considering the world-class regulation and a sponsorship of the top football club, it goes without saying that ITRADER is a trusted broker. Next to this, the range of markets available with ITRADER is superior compared to the rest of the brokers. Finally, this ITRADER review has found out that the conditions of the brokerage are supreme.

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ITRADER Review Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

Good service

4 5 1
Good platform, great services, and decent tradings though there was a minimal glitch with my first withdrawals. But all is well now.

The broker is ok

4 5 1
I liked the education process and the work of analytics, but customer support sometimes is very annoying


5 5 1
Deposit and withdrawal policy is safe. Got to withdraw my first money last week.
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Review Content
  • Gustaf Lindholm

    I like their guardian angel app. it’s a unique trading tool. It sends messages about signal notifications on financial trends at a specific point of time….

  • Caitlin Rogers

    What made me love this broker aside from being the best when it comes to its daily news and update, I am also feel welcomed whenever they spearhead webinars that caters all my needs. Just saying anyway thanks for thhis

  • Michalina O’brien

    I have traded with itrader for years. I have deposited and withdrawn money with them and both are handled efficiently and quickly. Customer service is well-done via chat and is similarly efficient.

  • Lilou Pieto

    Itrader is a good broker for me. Their trading interface is very clear and quite attractive. All the services on their site are clearly explained and properly placed in order.

  • Caroline Schmidt

    I am a client of Itrader for a year and I am very happy with all my progress in trading Forex. In its website, I could find a lot of educational material to keep on learning. Itrader always provides updated economic news.

  • penelope

    Their platform is quite nice and I got use to it so quick, their spreads are fixed and they have a good customer staffs and a reliable official representatives than other broker.

  • Michael Bronislav

    1:500 leverage offer and 0.7 spreads is not bad actually.

  • Bennet

    simplicity and user-friendliness was obvious, very straightforward company.however, they offer no bonuses, promotions and specials

  • Sophie Bouvier

    I am aware of different brokerage as I have been into trading for quite long now. Well, this is a good broker for starters and professionals as well but make sire to find the best type of investment that will suit you

  • Louisa Ricci

    Excellent execution with low commission and better spreads are the characteristics of this broker that makes it ahead of the other brokers

  • Jenne

    might be great if you have a decent trader but don’t think FM-
    fx traders are that good or we won’t be in this possession he did the trading I just clicked what was advised which turned out to be a disaster.

  • Susie Ramirez

    The reason I tried opening an account with this broker, is that I became so interested in commodity trading, which my past broker doesn’t offer.I am enjoying the perks of opening an account with it as I had a hands on experience with the commodity trading

  • Catarine Baroffi

    Thanks to their social media to keeps me update on the market reviews.

  • Henritte Courcelle

    The trading platform suits my ability to trade, quite convenient and decent.

  • Franciszca Nowak

    customer service is accessible and approachable 24/5.

  • Sophia Ava

    This broker doesn’t charge me for deposits as well as my withdrawals. They also accept transactions through credit cards.

  • Fia Johansson

    Suggested it to a muslim friend and found out that it fits well indeed especially with their belief. Glad to help a fried of mine

  • Viorica De Luca

    Everytime I go to their website I always visited their daily reviews page because it helps me about financial market since, it is always updated.

  • Amber Wilson

    This broker provides guidance at every step of my journey as a trader and helps me access the financial markets.

  • Stella Adorjan

    I like the fact that you can reach their customer support through emails and whatsapp. Very convenient in my part as a part time trader.

  • Shane Winter

    I have a good impression about this broker. Luckily, I have never faced any problem trading with them

  • Catalina Perea

    I tried to withdraw my money but it took me 3 weeks before I get it, however when I dialed the customer service they just explain that they are doing multiple checks before releasing my withdrawals

  • Andrea Palmer

    Excellent service, clear communication and suitable advice for their client

  • Lucy Thompson

    I can easily contact the customer support through E-mail and Telephone they are responsive and easy to talk to.

  • Sophia Ava

    Real professional and wide understanding in the trading industry

  • Виктор Васильченко

    I liked this trader, its educational program is awesome

  • Андрей Макаров

    Great trading platform, have a good profit here

  • Terry Hunt

    Be sure to read and take notice of itrader review! Do not be scammed and lose thousands of Pounds as I was!!!

  • Tony Rice

    BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE. There was an article on the ‘net a few days ago supposedly by the founder/owner of the Virgin organisation saying he was switching to crypto style business and application to join him, to which I responded. VERY soon I received contact from ITRADER so I assumed they to be in harness with Branson, so I had conversation with them and who asked me MANY questions, spending best part of an hour ” helping me ” to get through the application, one aspect of which did ” puzzle ” me in that they wanted photo of my Bank Statement etc to which I was ” unable ” to furnish, so they asked repeatedly for the amount I had in the accounts. I declined to answer but transferred the small amount of $250 via credit card. I subsequently had calls from them and e mails ,rather pushy I thought, so decided I would not start trading, which they were reluctant to accept. I was determined to get my money back, which did eventually happen but then came the REAL onslaught, culminating today with e mails and no less than 43 phone calls, some of which I answered, some of the original ones were from VARIOUS numbers in Cyprus, then switched to Private number when I ceased answering the declared numbers , and then UNKNOWN numbers , all in immediate succession one after the other ,totalling no less than 43 !!. My advice is DO NOT GET INVOLVED, as to extricate will be difficult. You have been WARNED!

  • Tony Rice

    Update. I managed to get the calls stopped by sending an e mail saying I was going to sue the Company for harassment etc to which I got a reply from the person there that he had NOT called me. I replied saying I have record of the calls logged on my phone, so the denials have fallen flat to which I received another call saying he will block any more e mails from me, I suppose to prevent any more record on ITRADER’s system of the overall events and his behaviour in particular. The total of calls that day from him was 46!!. Apart from showing on my phone, they must show on ITRADER’s phone records. I wonder if ITRADER read these reports on their activities and investigate, IF they do, I would expect an e mail from them. If I don’t it suggests either they don’t check or what I experienced is within their expected / permitted business practices. So I repeat, BEWARE, you have been WARNED.