IronFX Deposit Bonus 60%

Why IronFX Deposit Bonus of 60% is useful? A few traders are searching for a large margin. With IronFX Deposit Bonus your account balance is actually growing for 60%. This is quite a nice bonus offer, if you are looking for large volume of the transactions.

Forex Bonus Lab highlights that it only lasts 30 days. This is quite a disappointment, as most of the brokers give bonuses for longer period. Yet the bonus money could be used for trading! This means that you can actually lose the bonus money. You will not be Stopped out when the your deposited funds come to an end. This is just perfect.

IronFX Deposit Bonus 60% Logo
  Minimum Deposit:
$500         Maximum Bonus: $3,000

   Bonus Period: 30 Days          Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 0.7 pips             Restricted Countries: ID, VN

This offer is over 🙁

IronFX Deposit Bonus Description 60%

This broker has been known for great offers since years. Now you have an outstanding opportunity to enjoy one of the most generous offers by IronFX .

IronFX will add 60% of the deposited funds to your account balance. You can trade more and have a safer margin. Generally IronFX 60% Deposit Bonus allows you seizing more trading opportunities.

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The bonus is given on the deposits above 500 USD and the maximum size of the bonus is 3,000 USD. The bonus stays on the account for 30 Days and cannot be withdrawn, no matter what trading volume has been earned.

Even though this offer cannot provide you with extra withdrawable money, IronFX gives you a way to achieve higher profits.

 Note: The offer is not valid for Fixed Spreads and STP Accounts

Before engaging to trade with IronFX, we suggest you to read IronFX Review or open a demo account to preview the conditions.

Get up to 50% bonus from easyMarkets

The bonus IronFX has ended, so we advise you to look at our other deposit offers.

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    Hi my name is Irfan Gujjar.I’m freaking pissed off about Ironfx. I am a client of them and trying to withdraw from last 2 months. First they said that the payments department

    is overloaded, then they said that since I made a lot of profits then compliance has to approve my withdrawal.How the hell are they processing so long time?

    And IronFX boasts on their website that they have ASIC, Cysec, FCA, Eurex license and membership. It’s a big bullshit.

    Payment transaction are mentioned Below:

    1) 23098813 2014-12-23 WMP3D6J23GNH1I97 Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 975.03 USD Declined

    2) 23100175 2014-12-19 WM339E5649NGRT1C Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 89.00 USD Declined

    3) 23102132 2015-01-05 WM4OBMXKM8NHP77S Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 1,000.00 USD Declined

    This payment declined three times as you see:

    4) 23106299 2015-03-02 WMHEFFEC0GNKITR8 Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 1,470.00 USD Declined

    23106299 2015-01-29 WB9N8Y4SN6NK31ZK Withdrawal – Bank 1,470.68 USD Declined

    23106299 2015-01-26 WBIJMLJTMONISZ56 Withdrawal – Bank 1,470.68 USD Declined

    5) 23108970 2015-03-27 WM4SR4IX2BNLV5XK Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 500.00 USD Declined

    Can anybody here share their experience with withdrawing profits from IronFX. I would very much appreciate it. I’ve just been fool not withdrawing earlier from Iron.

    If you want to help me contact me on :

    GMAIL: [email protected]

    FACEBOOK: [email protected]

    TWITTER: GujjarIrfan786

    LINKEDIN: [email protected]

  • Hello Muhammad,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We have modified our IronFX review a few weeks ago, as we have seem many alarming messages from the traders all over the world.

    It seems that IronFX is simply out of money and after they got issues in China, an avalanche of withdrawals hit them and they are simply unable to pay back the traders.

    We will do our best efforts to assist you with this withdrawal, but don’t get too optimistic. It might be near to impossible to get money out of Iron’s unregulated entity.

    If you had an account with their ASIC, CySEC or FCA entity, it would be a lot easier.
    We will let you know via email if there was any success.

  • Hey Muhammad,

    We have received the following reply from IronFX:

    Hi ForexBonusLab,
    Thank you for your information.
    I’ve checked this email in our system and there’s no data of this client.
    And I’ve checked the client’s name and no opened account related to this name.

    Could you please let us know your account number via our contact form so we can investigate it further?