Hot Forex Deposit Bonus 100%

Some traders are looking to execute trades at the highest margin, and even though it is easy to leverage up to 1:500, sometimes this is not enough. With Hot Forex Deposit Bonus 100% you can now trade with a leverage up to 1:2000 (on selected account types), as you are provided with 1:1000 leverage by Hot Forex and as your deposit is doubled by Hot Forex too.

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  Minimum Deposit:
$100         Maximum Bonus: $100,000

   Bonus Period: 90 Days          Eligibility: New and Existing

  Spreads: from 0.4 pips              Restricted Countries: N/A

Want 100% Bonus? Deposit with HotForex

Hot Forex Deposit Bonus Description 

This is a perfect bonus for scalpers, as it can be withdrawn once the trading volume is accomplished. To withdraw bonus funds you need to trade fx lots that correspond to a half of your bonus amount. This may sound as a crazy volume, yet the bonus amount is quite large. Forex Bonus Lab recommends this offer for very active traders. Measure your trading volume and see if you can achieve frequent trades that are required by Hot Deposit Bonus Forex.

Example of Hot Forex Deposit Bonus 100%

With a deposit of $1,000, you will get a bonus of $1,000 and your total trading capital will equal to $2,000. To withdraw a bonus you will need to complete 500 fx lots (1000 / 2) within 90 calendar days.

This may certainly be hardly achievable for many of you, but for an active scalper it should be quite lucrative.

It is vital to understand that this bonus cannot be used to cover your trading loses. Pay attention to margin requirements, as you will be stopped out once the your own capital will reach 0.

 Note: The offer is valid for Micro, Premium, Islamic, FIX and Currenex Trading Accounts.

Open an Account with HotForex

Before engaging to trade with Hot Forex, we suggest you to read Hot Forex Review or open a demo account to preview the conditions.

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  • Sonam Locus

    If you invest your money with hotforex then you will lose for sure. So Stay safe from this broker.

  • Jett Moore

    Becareful withdrawal not paid. Hotforex no more reply my mails. I was with them since one year but at last when i fax them withdrawal form they didnt pay my amount. May their company shut down they grabbed my hard earned cash. Please dont be trap. Those who posting they are good they might be Hotforex team. They even dont chat to me. 🙁

    • Can you share more details with us? We could speak with Hot Forex on your behalf and see if we can help.

  • emma asan

    Hotforex are SCAM. I had an account with them and made profit on it, when i wanted to withdraw they disabled my account.I
    don’t recommend them for trading.

    • We are quite concerned. Could you forward us some screen-shots so we can reach out to Hot Forex to try to help you solving this?

  • Nehal Pedrol

    I read that hotforex accepts credit card deposit so I registered an account and deposited the money. After I tried to withdraw, they close my account and now my money is all gone…

  • Billy Leasl

    I traded with hotforex. Well hotforex is a joke!Their platform is cheap and difficult to use.Their spreads are wide than any other platform.Their will keep charging you credit card for some reason…basically their will clean you out easy..if you know what i mean


  • Harshali Joher

    If you are smart stay away. Hotforex will steal your money.Don’t be like me and lose alot of money before you learn the truth. GOD BLESS

  • Willian Teague

    It is almost three weeks that I have open an account with hotforex the orders does not get filed and you can wait minutes to get filled. Trailing stop works at its own pleasure, when you asked them they say they never received the order to modify or internet connection, but I does run the same trade with others non of them happened. Called for customer support and they do call you back, but quite non of them knows anything about the platform itself and ask you to read the manual.

  • Christian Hemmant

    If you are smart stay away. Hotforex will steal your money.Don’t be like me and lose alot of money before you learn the truth. GOD BLESS

  • emma asan

    RUN AWAY!!! don’t chose hotforex. when I wanted to withdraw my money and it was taking forever, had to phone (long distance) email, endless times with no answer, one guy on the phone even told me that they were too busy and hung up on me, had to start a dispute with Visa good thing I chose a credit card deposit.

  • David Smith

    I am really surprised to read this amount of bad comments about HotForex have a few friend that have really good experience with them good customer service, pretty quick upload and withdraw of money, but now after reading your comments gonna think about trading with them, if anyone else have experience with them please share it

  • Alya

    I have been trading since last two months and i believe that overall progress is good with no complaints as yet. They are offering a good bunch of bonuses as well as i have noticed sufficient trading pairs with low spreads. I am really hopeful to make extra earnings with my start up capital and with my current progress i think that within next six months i will be purely in profits. They are reliable broker in my opinion.