FXB Trading Broker Review

The forex market is always growing, and one of the latest newcomers to the industry is FXB trading. In this industry, it is important to be careful whom you get in bed with, and that is what this FXB trading review is meant to do.

FXB Trading
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About FXB trading

FXB trading forex broker is the tradename for Fazco Capital Ltd., which is a company based off St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There, Fazco Capital is licensed to provide retail FX and CFD trading services, and that is their primary service.

Fazco Capital is registered and licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of St. Vincent. The FSA license allows FXB trading to offer their services to most of the world including Europe, Australia and Asia, but not to the US. When working with a forex broker, you should always choose a financial regulator you can trust completely. The FSA is not so bad, but they are not as reputable as the UK’s FCA.

FXB trading broker review

Therefore, to help resolve any conflict between them and their international clients, FXB trading joined the Financial Commission (FinaCom). FinaCom is an independent external dispute resolution (EDR) institution that has been around for over 7 decades, helping to solve conflicts in business institutions. FXB trading only joined FinaCom earlier this year, becoming the latest entry to the 30 brokers who are already existing members.

Not being licensed by a well recognized financial regulator should be the first sign of the FXB trading scam. While FinaCom is not a bad institution on its own, that a forex broker would not get a license from a reputable financial regulator says a lot about the company. FinaCom claims that they offer faster and more effective conflict resolution, but they just don’t have the reach a financial regulator would have. As a result, their services may not be as effective as advertised.

finacom fxb broker

FXB trading conditions

When you first sign up with the broker, you get the first FXB trading bonus of $25 even before you make any deposit. Furthermore, there is a 100% bonus on your first cash deposit into a live account, meant to increase your margin. These bonuses may seem very attractive at first, until you realize all the caveats hidden under the Terms and Conditions fine print. For example, starter accounts are not eligible to any bonuses whatsoever, something you probably didn’t know about. Besides, once you make a withdrawal of any amount, the entire bonus amount goes away. This just takes away the initial purpose of the bonus, making it just a ploy to get traders to deposit money.

FXB trading conditions

Apart from this, other trading conditions by FXB trading seem really good. They have a high leverage and low spread offering, coupled with a lot of tradable instruments to work with. On the other hand, all trades incur a commission regardless of the account type. That adds an extra cost to the trades, and it can become quite expensive if you’re a very active trader.

In terms of their services, our FXB trading opinions remain largely positive rather than otherwise.

Is FXB legit?

One of the best measures to tell a good broker is a look at client reviews. Unfortunately, there were only very few FXB trading reviews to find online. This is understandable, FXB trading being a relatively new broker, but it’s also not a good sign for them. Joining FXB trading right now would be a risky choice because they are still untested. If you feel like taking a shot, though, go for it, but we are not pleased by what we’ve seen so far.

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FXB Trading Broker Review Overall rating: 1 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.


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This is pure scamm, Stay away if you want to save your money.


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This broker belongs in the trash

worst CFD trading

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FXB Trading does not offer anything - no support, bad conditions..
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  • nadila

    I have had no issues with FXB Trading ever since I started using their services. Market trading has been a breeze for me. I have achieved real top notch results while trading on account of various analytical and speculative information I found on its website. Navigation is simple on this site and its interface is user friendly

  • aceng idang

    this bonus I think is no longer exist and now its leverage is so changed and it is very helpful once we learn and utilize it right to be more fortunate, raise again good luck FXB Trading

    • scam

      • nadila

        sorry, as long as I am trading in FXBtrading I have no problem with my trading activity, and I can do withdrawal smoothly. what is your constraint?

    • Panggah Septiawan

      I think this is no problem with this broker, because I do trading with him and it’s no mistake and also difficulty, I do it with comfort and security is good, of course FXB Trading broker is very good

  • erik eriawan

    I’m learning forex trading demo account and still use, then find a no deposit bonus of FXB Trading $25, and try the practice of using a live account, and I feel that the speed of the data in the chart is very fast, then try to open the position is also no problems at all, thanks FXB Trading this learning process may further improve my understanding.

  • yasriel karunia

    FXB Trading gives all traders the necessary educational documents so that they can learn and be in control of their trades.

  • Tauf Firman

    FXB Trading offers a perfect blend of hedging and scalping as a result of an ideal range of trading platforms. This is what every trader needs in the CFD market, and I love reading articles from the FXB Trading because it gives better insight in this business…

  • om beny

    For the bonus I think it is not available 100% bonus. However, FXB Trading is known for the quick execution of all operations essential for trading on the CFD market. Merchants will not experience slow software problems with them and as such, they are the primary choice of some merchants.

  • dave

    for now the FXBtrading service is excellent, with its deposit / withdrawal transactions also running smoothly , I would like to recommend FXB Trading to those interested in trading as using them has worked wonders for my trading in the CFD market

  • Billy Mampe

    pure scam