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  • Алексей

    Now Vomma give No-deposit bonus, but it is scam, so stay away

  • David Smith

    As this post says lot of no deposit offers are not no deposit so it is a kind of a scam, but that’s why these advises are great it really makes me to read everything more than once before accepting offer, really helpful post

  • Augustine Mugambi

    I have read many reviews on plus500 and all are -ve especially customer support and spread manipulation!! so i’m wondering why would one join such a service with all such -ve feedbacks!!! in the other hand i have traded with XM and somehow they have better services so far. thank you

    • About the customer service, you are right, this is not the strongest point of Plus500. They have only added Live Chat less than a year ago. Having said this, they do quite good job in terms of email support.

      As for the spread manipulation, we have never heard of it done from Plus500. If you have seen anything like this, please report to us or FCA and we will try to resolve it asap. It is a listed broker, so such things will be taken seriously.

      As for XM, it is just a terrible brokerage. Have you traded on XM’s no deposit bonus account or a real one? Perhaps the experience on a free account is better, but this should be changed once you deposit your own money.

      • Augustine Mugambi

        Hi I have traded both no deposit a/c and areal account actually I started with the no deposit bonus then micro and later standard a/c and the experience didn’t have much huge difference. Though they also widen their spreads quite a bit. And for a newbie it will be quite a pain. But I haven’t made any withdraw yet, but I assume with the experience of deposit, there won’t be huge difference. Although in my personal opinion I would say many brokers are DD I. E dealing desk. And with these traders they provide very awful trading deals and systems such as mt4s . So fur the better brokers are ECN or NDD. Coz some will provide you with the best systems such as ctrader.

        • Peter Protuš

          I tried plus500 and XM. Plus500 blocked my account once I requested withdrawal of profit I made from no deposit bonus (2080 eur) … Then I read all the reviews and comments about support and how they are scam. and I can’t agree more. XM on other hand, awesome support, they call me back when I send them mail, withdrawals are without problem. spreads are sometimes interesting to watch, but with enough money it’s not a big deal.

          • Hey there Peter,

            Thank you for taking your time and commenting.
            Would you be able to tell more about your case with Plus500?
            We will be either glad to contact them on your behalf and resolve the issue or might consider removing them from our listing.

          • Peter Protuš

            conversation with them on email took about a month. they were really slow in replying… and they just told me that it was because of duplicate accounts on one IP adress. Since I live in literally small village (less than 150 people), our internet provider hiddes whole village behind just a few IP adresses. Anyway, it’s been 2 years since then and I did not deposited any money so I don’t care that much. It was just sad experience. I heard they were bought by some company, so maybe they are better brooker now. I just don’t want to trade with them anymore.

          • Oh, I see. Well, duplicated IP addresses are quite a common issue. This is a way for brokers to avoid cheaters, as you may imagine, there are many people trying to abuse no deposit bonuses.

            There was an intention to buy Plus500 from Playtech, but the regulators didn’t allow that to happen.

  • Pradeep Dhiman

    I have registered. I got 60RUB but i cant trade with it. It showing in my account balance but when i go for trade in trading platform there 0 balance is showing. What is the benifit of this kind of bonus when i can not trade with it.

    • You’ve made a mistake. Check with XM support, they should be able to help.

  • Tommy Suganda

    Launched as one kind of welcome bonus to new clients, no deposit is the most common choice for those who want to trading forex without initial deposit. As the name implies, this bonus allows traders to open a real account without any deposit. Instead, the forex broker will fill the account balance with some funds, so there is a balance that can use as trading balance. Sometimes no deposit bonus is also accompanied by some important rules that limit your trading and withdrawal conditions. The policy of each forex broker may vary, but the most common policy of no deposit bonus are often located on withdrawal terms. There are forex brokers who absolutely do not allow traders to withdraw bonus no deposit, there is also permit the withdrawal of prizes if the trader has met certain lot requirements. However, trading profits generated from bonuses can usually be withdraw more easily.