EZTrader Scam Review

Trading Binary Options can be quite profitable, if you are experienced enough. In an attempt to become even more proficient, you need a good broker that will not let you down. It is terrible when you do not know who you give your hard earned money. Therefore, we are here to warn you, which broker is imperative to be avoided – EZ Trader scam. To find out more, read our review.

EZTrader Scam Review
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EZTrader Reviews about the company

Does this company has something special when it comes to their history and regulation? Well, not really. is owned and operated by WGM Services Ltd. It was founded not a long time ago – 2008. On the website they have provided just a little information. Their address is stated like: 11, Vizantiou Street, Office 401, 2064, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. The broker claims to be regulated by CySEC with a license number 203/13. Honestly? There is no surprise. Most scam brokers like EZ Trader scam have a tendency of showing such regulation, and CySEC nowadays does not guarantee a trusted and reliable options broker. Same with Mifid. Furthermore, there is no possibility to verify the information provided by EZ Trader. That is why do not deal with whom you do not know well. On a side note, they do not accept US clients.

eztrader scam review

Scam brokers try to position themselves as those who are just the №1 in the world and others are simply no match for them. As you might have guessed, EZ Trader is not an exception. In the “About us” section they claim to offer the best service at all times doubled with the phrase that they have started trading revolution. It is just ridiculous and thus avoid this broker. Just go for one of good binary options brokers.

EZTrader Scam Trading Account

At this broker, you are not offered any multiple account packages, but instead you have only one. EZ Trader review has found out that this broker requires $100 deposit. But here is what surprised us. In reality, minimum deposit evaluates $200 and only “nice” customer support notifies you about that. If this a broker you dreamt of? We doubt.

Scam EZTrader Trading Conditions

As the majority of scam brokers, EZ Trader has no diversity of binary options types to offer. There are only 4 of them. Let us take a closer look.

  • Binary Option
    EZ Trader review informs you that this an ordinary BO type, no special opportunity for an options trader. All you have to do is simply predict whether the particular price will increase or reduce in 30 minutes. The average payout is said to be 72%.
  • Long Term
    As for this binary options type this scam broker offers us, it allows you to predict whether the price will either be higher or lower than the actual execution price at the end of the month, in 3 month or in half a year. The basic principle behind this one: the higher return you expect, the higher the risk is.
  • 60 seconds
    Well, this kind of binary options resembles a lot the first type in the list, but with one distinction – timeframe. This scam broker claims to give you the opportunity to trade on short-term frames such as: 60, 90 and 120 seconds.
  • Daily/Weekly
    The last BO trading type is based first of all on the prediction of the price at the daily or weekly market closure. Your task is to predict the right movement to eventually receive payout, although you should not count on that as you are dealing with a scam.

EZTrader Reviews of Trading Platform

The first thing we should admit is that EZ Trader has designed its own trading platform, which operates directly from the browser. Nonetheless, it lets us hope for the best. The interface is not intuitive or user friendly, and will take a while if you try to adjust to it. Many EZ Trader reviews tell the same and ours is not an exception. Choosing SpotOption for example will be much wiser decision.

eztrader scam platform

In a nutshell, the EZ Trader platform enables a trader to open up to four trading instruments simultaneously in a small mode. Beside that, there is a possibility to choose between 1 day, 2 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes timeframes. As for the order execution it is made after you decided on the amount and then you need to click call or put button. Even though simplicity of order execution is a good feature, do not be deceived because EZ Trader is a scam.

EZ Trader Deposits and Withdrawals

Since EZ Trader binary options is a scam that is only interested in personal greed and your money, it has developed a high variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Except for using credit cards, a customer can also deposit via online payment systems and the wire transfers. Indeed, the wire transfer necessitates contacting with the support. The deposits via online payments and credit cards are said to be immediate, while the wire transfer takes from 5 to 7 days.

As for the withdrawals, they hypothetically can be done via wire transfer or credit card. But there one huge pitfall. Withdrawals to the credit card simply cannot exceed the deposit amount made from just the same card. This is one of many reasons why EZ Trader is a scam. Moreover, there is a $25 fee on every withdrawal made by the wire transfer, whilst credit cards withdrawals do not have any fees. Both methods of withdrawals require 5-7 working days to be processed.

EZtraderCustomer Support

ztrader supportEZ Trader binary supports 10 languages, which close to be satisfying. The customer support of EZ Trader is performed via phone, e-mail or live chat. However, the live chat is not available for non-registered visitors, which is not very good. Generally, the live chat presence is an ordinary feature. But this broker considers it to be a premium one, which is strange at the first glance. But what else can you expect from total scam broker?

EZTrader Account Applications

EZ Trader has made account application simple than ever. Consider this an advantage? Well, it is not. It means that the broker is not interested whom it is dealing with. For EZ Trader money is all that matters.

eztrader registration

EZTrader Review Conclusion

We do not recommend this broker to anyone. If your aspiration to keep your money safe and make them work, then you should definitely look for a trustworthy broker. Thereby, ignore EZ Trader binary.

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EZTrader Binary Options Broker at a Glance

EZTrader (Financial Services Broker) started operating at 2008. Seven years may not be considered a long period for a financial business to operate, however, for an online operation that its main emphasis is Binary Options and Foreign Exchange (Forex), seven years is considered a lifetime. EZTrader launched its own unique (developed in-house) binary options trading platform with a very specific vision in mind: to make online trading as easy as possible (user friendly experience), highly intriguing and as profitable as possible for traders of all skill levels from all around the globe. Let’s find out more about EZTrader platform in EZTrader Review.

EZTrader Reviews of the Platform

EZTrader has recently upgraded its user friendly platform to accommodate the ever changing needs of its users & simultaneously updated its system with the latest and most advanced technological tools available. Safety wise, the Binary Option platform is 100% secure by using state of the art security measures such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for establishing an encrypted link from their servers to their clients and PCI DSS Security Standards Council.

EZTrader Broker Review of mobile apps

EZTrader also provides its loyal users/traders with an innovative & simple to operate mobile trading application for any and all available Smartphones & tablets, or in other words the means to keep on trading from anywhere using any and all electronic communication devices, at any time. As you know, there are several market places that are operating on different time zones, all around the globe. Eztrader provides its traders with access to all of them.

EZTrader Platform Details

Platforms: EZTrader created (in house) a unique and advanced web-based platform which was developed to accommodate traders of all levels. Same was developed for EZTrader’s affiliates and partners. The platform does not require a software download of any kind. It offers the possibility of placing positions that last 60 seconds (1 min.), several minutes, hours, days and weeks on assets such as: Commodities, International Stocks, Currency pairs and Indices from various geographical locations hence allowing its traders to benefit not only from a huge variety of items but also from trading on assets that are available in different time zones.

EZTrader Special Feature

In addition, EZTrader came up with an extremely unique feature that could only be accessed on its unique platform. The “SellOption” feature. What it does is it enables the selling of a traders’ option back to the broker before the option reaches its expiration time.

EZTrader Binary Options Extras

The company sets high standards by maintaining a solid level of profitability while offering the highest payouts available in the binary options Industry: nearly 95% profit from a single trade.

EZTrader provides the most thorough education center that is constantly updated with hundreds of articles on various binary options related issues such as tips, strategies, trading and investment techniques and financial information.

EZTrader Instruments

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to assets in today’s financial markets. EZTrader’s unique platform offer more than 100 (!) assets from across all major market places and business / financial sectors. This includes industries such as banking, technological and pharmaceutical mainly from the European and Asian Markets. Loyal EZTrader users can also trade on numerous leading indices and futures indices, commodities, stocks and currency pairs (Foreign exchange or Forex) that are available in a variety of expirations.

EZTrader Review Conclusion

EZTrader is a great binary options broker. Not only it is regulated by CySEC, but it also supplies it is own state-of-art trading platform that allows binary traders to experience a great sense of technology. EZTrader provides amazing support and competitive trading conditions.

EZTrader Scam Review Overall rating: 1 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Laggy Platform

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Trading with this broker is a total disaster. Their platform lives on its own. It can simply start refreshing while you are placing an order!
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  • Larry

    I liked most of the things you wrote but I disagree with you about eztrader as a trusted broker. EZTrader is a trusted broker and not scam. I traded with a few different brokers and i can insure you that all regulated brokers are the same, including EZTrader. When I traded with EZTrader i had no problems. I had many questions before I traded and they were very helpful.
    I’m sure that if you have questions or any doubts, EZTrader support will help you as they done with me.

  • Martha Jameson

    I think it’s a scam my colleague had an account with them and when she deposited her money they aded bonus on her account without her confirmation and than she couldn’t withdraw any of her money because she needed to trade certain amount of times because of that bonus, the customer support didn’t answer on her questions so that sound like a scam to me

  • Kieran B

    I recently signed up with EZTrader and honestly have no clue about how to trade, let alone binary options. I simply had heard about through some acquaintances and so far I’m impressed with their assistance.
    I had an agent call me up and after I explained to him that I was completely new to all of this he started explaining everything from the beginning, including what a binary option is. The platform itself is very easy to use and understand as well once you get the ball rolling.
    I speak to him regularly about once a week and we follow up on previous concepts and strategies. As we move along we are slowly learning about the Algorithm as well.
    Regarding deposits and withdrawals: I deposited with my credit card and withdraw directly back to it. Takes about 7 business days

  • Brandon Field

    The platform is simple and smooth with no unnecessary extras. though it lags at times which is a little irritating. I have an account manager who explained in depth about binary options which I hadn’t received from previous brokers. I’m OK with them.

  • Nikay Westphal

    I’m a skeptical person by nature so I had a lot of queries and some minor issues when I signed up. All were answered and resolved and I made up my mind to stay with them. The platform is dynamic and very simple to trade on. So far I have no objections.

  • Gilbert

    I suggest using EZTrader’s platform. It’s simple and clean and I haven’t had any annoyance so far. I actually wanted to mention what has worked for me as a newbie. All the info can be a little overwhelming. I simply stick to one asset, that’s all. Currencies is my thing. I use the updates and news regarding currencies and from there plan out my daily trades. I Hope this helps.

  • Isaac Dry

    If you are a day trader there will be days where it’s not worthwhile trading so make sure you don’t trade for nothing and have a long term goal. If you make little amounts of profit each day it adds up.

  • Jordy T.

    No matter where you go or which broker you choose there are always going to be withdrawal or support issues, that’s how it is and it happens. Try looking beyond the same old things and look at the positive differences of many brokers like EZTrader. Regulated, years in the industry and a lot clients that have been trading with them from the start. These facts are always overlooked.

  • Sanny O.

    If you are a novice trader, then there is nothing as important as EZTrader’s ease of use. It doesn’t matter if a platform offers a whole lot of flashy features, if you don’t understand them, then they might as well not even be there. EZTrader’s platform has no complicated extra and this makes for easier understanding and trading.

    • Sanny O.

      This is not my post!!!!!

  • Sanny O.

    I don’t know how these scam companies do it. My original post was very positive towards EZTrader and know I see that it has been changed. This just proves my point. EZtrader is a great platform and competitors are clearly changing review to negative. Most of the negative reviews you see about EZTrader are fake.Take note of this comment. Let’s hope it doesn’t change but to whoever did it, thank you, you have assisted me and many other customers in realizing that EZTrader is a perfectly fine, regulated broker whi has it’s customers interests at heart. To whoever edited my review, shame on you.

  • Sanny O.

    Please read my last post anyone who comes to this site for reviews because it will probably be “edited” by someone else. Do not trust any reviews form this site. I have personally had my positive review changed to a childish negative one. I have taken a screenshot of this post, so if it disappears soon and changes at least I will have it and can send it to anyone directly to their email to see that I did truly post something positive and it was changed. If anyone has had the same issue, even if your post have been changed from negative to positive, please write about it.

  • Sanny O.

    Here the screenshot for today 4/8/2016. When my post changes you know this was the original. It’s a damn shame!

  • Sanny O.

    Here we go again. Fake comments on my name. If I was getting paid by EZTrader or any other comany why would I mention that. Stop wasting peoples time.

  • Sanny O.

    Here’s the screenshot everyone

  • Sanny O.

    he, he, this is fun! Anyway fellow traders. Here’s are my originals:

  • Hey there guys,

    You see a lot of comments below. Most of those users don’t even have an avatar set.
    If you look at their disqus profiles, you can see that all of those are fresh, created just days (or hours) before the comment here was posted. This tells us that EZTrader is scam and it pays people to make positive comments. Stay away!

  • Sanny O.

    Why would you take over someones disqus profiles irrespective. That can’t be legal?

    • Because you are a scammer who works or is paid by EZ Trader.
      If we are wrong – put your energy into proving this to us instead of making more fake comments.

      • Sanny O.

        Why do you take over peoples accounts? I have a screenshots with the original posts. You clearly edited them.

        • I am not saying we didn’t. In fact, we actually stated that the comments were edited. You can shove those screenshots up your scammer’s arse 🙂

          • Sanny O.

            And this is how a serious website speak to visitors? And why are you so quick to accuse people of being scammers?

  • Sanny O.

    All the comments have been edited. Unbelievable! Ha, ha. Why 24Option?