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Curious about Binary Options but have low knowledge about how to trade them? 24option created a new educational offer for its clients that should allow you to get familiar with binary options trading! So go on and read 24option Education review to know what is waiting for you in there!

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24option Education Review in Details

It is well-known that Forex education is crutial for good trader. Since Binary Options trading is close to Forex trading, good Binary Options education plays the same role in this type of trading. Most of the binary brokers will give you free e-book or a few videos. But 24option decided to bring you more and this is why we decided to bring you 24option Education Review.

The 24option education includes electronic courses, explanation of early closures and expiry calculations and, Forex Bonus Lab’s favourite, videos section. At the time of 24option Education Review, e-course section offered both, trading ebook that can be downloaded in pdf format and interactive book. It is important to know that interactive book is available only at the educational section and contents of these two books is different. Review of 24option education recommends you to read both books, since it is always better to be over educated than under educated.

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As was mentioned before, the educational videos section of the 24option education is awesome and brings you much more learning possibilities than any other Binary Options Broker. 24option Education Review was impressed with 6 categories of videos available:

  • Intro to Binary Options
    This section gives you information about the BO trading and crucial information that you should know before going into trades.
  • BO Basics
    From these videos you will get familiar with binary options basic strategies and fundamentals that are used by every binary options trader.
  • Advanced
    These section will teach you advanced strategies and money management techniques.
  • Technical analysis
    Videos given here will show you how to analyse market using charts and graphs, so you will be able to boost you trading skills using it.
  • Last two sections binary options strategies and economic basics are more advanced. They will give you overview of some additional trading strategies that you can use and will boost your understanding of economic terms and fluctuations.

Overall, 24option Education Review was impressed with amount of knowledge that you will be able to get from 24option for free! Also, what is even better, you do not even have to create an account at 24option in order to have access to educational section. So do not miss your chance to boost your skills and understanding of the market!

If you appreciate the effort of the broker into your education, we offer you to:

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